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5 Memorable Movie Stepmoms We All Love

Stepmoms aren’t always the cruel villains cartoons, TV shows, and movies have made them out to be. They can also be the unsung heroes where motherhood is concerned—and since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, it’s a good time to acknowledge them in the awkward but likeable position they’ve taken as part of the family.

Here are the most memorable stepmoms to ever grace our screens with their step-maternal presence.


1. Julia Roberts as Isabel Kelly in Stepmom

This film is one of those examples of perfect casting—with Julia Roberts cast in the role of the stepmom everyone loves to hate, and Susan Sarandon who plays the very epitome of motherhood.

Roberts’ performance is so convincing that you feel every hint of awkwardness, every frustration and every pain—even the spiteful pleasure of being the outsider in a family you didn’t build.

This classic movie about family, love, and relationships will make it very hard for you not to see ‘the other woman’ in the best possible way.


2. Sharon Cuneta as Mariel in Madrasta

“I was never your partner, I’m just your wife.”

Photo from Madrasta Trailer


The heartbreaking line was so powerful that it’s been etched in the minds of many who watched this film, which was released in 1996. Sharon Cuneta deserved her FAMAS Best Actress Award for playing Mariel, devoted wife and often taken-for-granted stepmother to Edward’s emotionally-damaged children played by Claudine Barretto, Patrick Garcia, and Camille Prats.


3. Jamie Lee Curtis as Shelly Devoto in My Girl


Shelly is just the type of woman a girl like Vada Sultenfuss needs in her pre-pubescent life—only Veda doesn’t know it in the beginning. Shelly manages to play the confidante quite well, considering she’s just started dating Vada’s dad. Despite this, she gives the girl the guidance she needs when it comes to life and lady advice. Everyone needs a Shelly in their childhood or maybe even long after that.


4. Kim Basinger as Celeste Martin in My stepmother is an Alien


It’s hard to resist falling in love with an alien when the alien is Kim Basinger. This beloved B-movie from the 80’s stars Dan Akroyd as a nerdy scientist who messes up a planet’s gravitational pull and somehow gets rewarded by perfection in the form of alien Kim Basinger, who travels to Earth to find out what the hell happened to her planet.

In her quest to find answers, she discovers the joyful imperfections of what it means to be human, and ultimately finds that she can actually have the best of both worlds.


5. Cate Blanchett as the wicked stepmother in Cinderella

Yes, we don’t like her. But we do love her outfits and her way of finding wickedly good lighting in Cinderella. Everybody knows this story and how Cinderella was mistreated by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters—this version is no different. There’s no redeeming quality to the stepmother except for her impeccable fashion sense, which actually made the movie bearable to watch.


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