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5 Reasons Why "Outlander" Is The New Hot And Steamy Show For Women

In a world where online dating, blind dating, speed dating, and even Tinder exists, who would have thought that a television series set in the 18th century could be so sexy?

Netflix’s Outlander presents its viewers with a heart-twisting story on travelling back and forth in time, adding themes of rebellion, star-crossed lovers, and a whole lot of intimate scenes that you would dare not show to a child—if you know what we mean.

The British-American series follows the story of Mrs. Claire Beauchamp-Randall, a nurse who served in World War II. Because of her husband Frank's dire need to discover his ancestry, they visit Inverness in Scotland, where Claire touches one of the standing stones at Craigh na Dun. The strone transports her from 1945 to 1743, a time of war between the Scotts and the English. Claire falls into the hands of the Scottish Highlanders, and meets our male protagonist, Jamie Fraser. The two slowly fall in love, despite Claire’s commitment to Frank.

Now with all this talk on standing stones and wars, where could the sexiness possibly lie? Let’s get into the details.


1. The heroine of the story oozes with sex appeal.

Caitriona Balfe (Claire) is not only beautiful, but she is also presented as a strong woman who doesn’t let any Scott or English man get in her way. Her character can make any man drool, and frank-ly (pun intended), any viewer, too.



2. There is ALWAYS sexual tension.

Before getting herself transported back in time, Claire shared a few intimate moments with Frank. With their exchanging smirks and sensual jokes, you can’t help but miss them when they’re apart.



But alas, the award for most sexual tension (and honestly, our loyalty) remains with Claire and Jamie—whose chemistry could end any war. Their scenes range from witty banter to fighting wars together, and more importantly, to passionate lovemaking.



3. The cinematography never falls short of giving us what we want to see.

You know how in movies or other TV shows, they build the audience up with sexual tension but actually skip the whole steamy scene? Outlander never does that! They don’t leave our minds to wander about what happens in the bedroom—they present it to us in the most beautiful and captivating way.



4. The erotic scenes are always rooted in the love story.

Who doesn’t appreciate a good love scene backed by an even better love story? Sure, Claire may be married to Frank, but Claire and Jamie’s whirlwind romance continues to give us uninvited thoughts about characters that don’t even exist. Can they just end up together, please?



5. Two words: SAM HEUGHAN.

It is impossible to talk about Outlander without dedicating a whole discussion point to our male protagonist, Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie. His face alone can make knees weak, and his body? Well, let’s just say that lips won’t be the only thing quivering tonight.