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6 Buzz-Worthy Establishments Now At Forbes Town

From fitness to dining, check out what's new in the charming BGC neighborhood

If you’re looking for a break from the crowds at the busier popular malls, then you’ll love the more intimate feel and refreshing atmosphere of Forbes Town. The ritzy neighborhood in BGC has something for everyone—and now has even more to offer in fitness, dining, and beauty. Check out six of the newest additions to the locale.

Bare MNL, 8 Forbes Town Road

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BARE MNL, a fitness club famous for dramatic fat-loss and extreme fitness performance, is home to the “world's most effective workout,” the notorious BLACK Workout—a high-intensity workout where one can burn up to 1,000 calories. Sign us up! 

Southern Grind Bistro, 29th St., Forbes Town

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Southern Grind Bistro is Forbes Town’s newest addition that serves Cajun and South American dishes. While their specialty is undeniably the ribs, Southern Grind goes a step beyond and delivers some of the best country-style dishes. They also have a talented team working the bar, serving Instagram-worthy cocktails that are the perfect pairing to the items on the menu. 

Salu, Burgos Circle

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Nothing—and we mean nothing—will beat the familiarity of home-cooked cuisine, but Salu takes it to another level, offering unique gastronomic experiences of FIlipino food for its guests. Get to know Philippine cuisine and culture as Salu delivers the best regional flavors from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Our mouths are watering at the thought of Ilocos bagnet, Pampanga-style sisig, Bicol Express from Luzon, Cebuano balbakwa, Bacolod inasal, and Satti de Zamboanga!

ViTO Coffee, Bellagio

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After indulging in savory dishes, of course the next thing we're going to be craving is a sweet dessert! Enter ViTO Coffee: perfect for our sweet tooth and even more so for our health! The ViTO gelatos are made with imported milk, sourced from a dairy farmer in Aso, Kumamoto, and blended with low sugar levels, zero preservatives and minimal milk fat. ViTO also serves a variety of options in their menu including pastas, pizzas, side dishes like mozzarella balls, fries, and delectable main dishes such as grilled bourbon pork chops, baked honey garlic salmon, and sirloin steak. 

Frieda’s, Forbes Town Road

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Speaking of healthy food choices, Frieda’s offers gluten-free, sustainable dishes, including their plant-based mac and “cheese” (minus real cheese, of course!), and the vegan ramen for a guilt-free dining out experience. 

Color Bar, Rizal Drive

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The Color Bar by Joseph Fantone specializes in giving men and women the hair color of their dreams, while dispelling the myth that any dye job will fry your tresses. The coloring salon also uses premium, eco-friendly products and has a team of highly skilled color specialists led by Joseph himself—a San Diego-trained and US-licensed hair professional. 

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