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7 Movie Dads We’ll Never Ever Forget

Daddy’s big day is on its way.  We’re welcoming June and the fact that we’ll soon be celebrating the big men of the house—kings of the castle, heads of the table.  We hope to usher in a bit of heartfelt, tear-jerking appreciation for every perfectly imperfect father out there with this line-up of our favorite movie dads.  Watch with tissue if you please.


1. The Pursuit Of Happyness —Will Smith as Chris Gardner

Evicted from their home with his son and separated from his wife, Chris Gardner seeks financial and domestic redemption. 



He’s suddenly caught in a web of survival on the streets with his son while looking to be accepted for a prestigious job that will stick and save them both. Along the way, Chris and his son share both heart-wrenching and heartwarming moments together, including this humble realization—that you should never dump or give up on your dreams.



2. I Am Sam —Sean Penn as Sam Dawson

Sam Dawson is an adult who is impeded by a developmental disability, but finds himself suddenly becoming a single father to his beautiful daughter, Lucy.  As Lucy grows, with the aid of intelligent neighbor, Annie, Sam raises her to be a wonderfully bright and intelligent little girl. 



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As Lucy ages however, Sam’s mental capacity—equivalent to that of a 7-year-old—proves to become a complex challenge in raising Lucy as she grows smarter every day. We can’t help but get misty-eyed about Sam’s barrel of confidence in his role as a father and his undoubted faith in how he and Lucy are meant to stay together.



3. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade— Sean Connery as Dr. Henry Jones, Sr.

Henry Jones, Jr. ,or “Indiana” as we know him, suddenly receives a mysterious package from his father; his handwritten journal scribed with personal and archaeological notes.  Indi is suddenly told by a new acquaintance that his father has suddenly gone missing while on an ominous search for the Holy Grail—a relic long thought to be a myth or lost in legend. 



Quite frankly, the grail was his father’s lifelong obsession. Indi naturally picks up where his Dad left off to find him. We’ll never forget the delightful father-and-son banter brought to life by Harrison Ford and James Bond crowd-pleaser Sean Connery.



4. The Descendants— George Clooney as Matt King

Honolulu attorney, Matt King, has an enviable lifestyle as a Hawaiian resident as one of the extended heirs to 25,000 acres of undeveloped land on Kauai.  Despite wealth not being a huge problem, not everything is as it should be at home. 



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His wife is in a coma after a boating accident, and trying to amicably raise his daughters can be compared to pulling-teeth day at the dentist. There’s a lot more that Matt has yet to go through, but his earnest effort to get it right is the endearing element in the film.



5. UP by Pixar—Karl Fredericksen

Karl lost the love of his life and never had children of his own, but vowed to go an adventure just as his wife Ellie would have wanted. 



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The plan takes a sudden turn when a tubby boy scout named Russell knocks on his front door, and albeit reluctant Karl lets him into his life.



6. Blood Diamond—Djimon Hounsou as Solomon Vandy

Affected by the RUF rebel violence that tears up Sierra Leone in Africa, Solomon Vandy—a devoted family man—is separated from his wife and children as they escape their village while he is caught.  Helpless, he finds himself under the RUF rebels involved in diamond mining. 



He unexpectedly comes across a large diamond and conceals it while a sudden attack on the mine allows him to escape, but not unnoticed. Solomon finds himself among many conflict survivors in the city looking for loved ones among refugee lists. After joining forces with diamond smuggler, Danny Archer, Solomon discovers his son has been kidnapped by the very same dreaded RUF Commander he escaped from. This father’s determination, courage, and integrity shakes us up in a really good way.



7. Father of the Bride —Steve Martin as George Banks

We’ve saved the best of the millennial father faves for last.  Father of the Bride is one of the most memorable nineties feel-good rom coms/family movies. 



George Banks is the ultimate father on a roll—for him, life is good; thriving business, beautiful wife, suburban neighborhood, and a daughter who’s coming to visit. What could possibly go wrong? Maybe a little something like her getting engaged—no big deal.