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8 Stylish Movies To Watch For Your Holiday Fashion Inspo

If you’re going on vacation, one of the more important things to do is packing for your itinerary.

And nowadays, you can’t just pack for comfort or necessity. Style is of equal importance as all your vacation photos easily become essentially OOTD material. It’s not easy balancing fashion choices with luggage limitations so you need to be smart about it, too.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are a few films that can teach you a thing or two about looking fabulous in holiday fashion.


The Talented Mr. Ripley

In this film, Jude Law is the perfect specimen of classic 50s preppy style. His casual ensembles go well with the lifestyle of his character Dickie Greenleaf, the confident suave gallivanting about Italy without a care in the world. But there is also Marge, the character played by Gwyneth Paltrow who is a perfect match to Greenleaf with her printed circle skirts and peasant blouses—or cool cotton shirts unbuttoned just low enough to reveal a pastel bikini top. Against the setting of an Italian villa, her wardrobe makes for a lovely, pleasant sight that’s as refreshing as the light cocktails she prepares for the stranger Tom Ripley.



The Devil Wears Prada



You can't make a list of stylish movies and not include this one. Meryl Streep’s eclectic but polished chic for the role of magazine editrix Miranda Priestley would look great in the concrete jungles of New York or Paris—should those be your destinations of choice this spring. Lead actress Anne Hathaway’s pristinely tailored ensembles would also photograph well for your traipses down the streets of Manhattan, and as you saunter into the Big Apple’s chi chi clubs.


Sex and the City



The success of the HBO series (and subsequently the movies) hinged on a handful of things, but the iconic wardrobe of the characters, particularly that of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) is probably number one. Carrie’s clothes were sexy and daring, her ensembles often experimental and always a knockout. Always accentuating her toned physique, they are also peppered with bright prints and punched by a surprising accessory: a Fendi baguette or that iconic huge floral brooch. Perfect for a stroll at Central Park, or when in Paris, the Jardin de Tuileries.   



And if Carrie wasn't your cup of tea, you had three other ladies whose wardrobes are just as bold and defined. Samantha is a beacon for the bold and the trendy. Charlotte is ever so Ralph Lauren preppy. And Miranda is the embodiment of practical utilitarian fashion—in bold colors.


Pretty Woman



Who doesn't love a good makeover story? This movie had both a rags-to-riches hook and the fairytale ending that someone like Vivian (Julia Roberts) clearly deserves. Her shopping sprees at Rodeo Drive surely resulted in looks that will still knock ‘em dead on the pavements of Beverly Hills: that dotted dress she wore for the afternoon at the polo game, and the more mature white dress with buttons she dons when she returns to the snooty boutique than gave her the cold shoulder.  


Coco Before Chanel



Amelie star Audrey Tautou is Gabrielle Chanel, a seamstress by day and singer at night, a life she led before she was known to the fashion world as Coco Chanel. Of course as the designer Coco, she sashays down the famous mirrored winding staircase of her atelier in impeccable tweed jackets and skirts, and the softest white shirts over slim black suits—with a healthy dose of pearls. The better to match Paris’s gilded interiors.


Atomic Blonde



Charlize Theron stars in this sexy action movie as the main heroine, but more noticeable than her awesome stunts is her exceedingly crisp wardrobe. As a very sharp assassin, she dons an equally sharp wardrobe made up of cashmere coats by Max Mara, trenches by Burberry and lethal pumps from Dior. If looks indeed could kill.

Annie Hall



This Woody Allen classic stars Diane Keaton as the androgynous-dressing title character. Keaton insisted on picking out her own clothes for the movie and it turned out great as it gave her character the right amount of edge and authenticity. Annie’s post-tennis “la-di-da” outfit will look costumey now because of how famous it’s gotten over the years, but its adorable factor has not diminished. Adapt her vest-with-tie and boyfriend-pants ensemble but play around with textures and somber prints. You’ll be looking like an artsy New Yorker to your IG followers in no time.  


A Bigger Splash



Tilda Swinton was dressed in all things Dior for this movie-- from her shirts to her dresses and jumpsuits. They’re all soft and languorous, a necessary contrast to the Bowie-esque glam rock numbers she is taking a vacation from as she walks the streets of rustic Pantelleria.


Photos from MovieStillsDB