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9 Takeaways from Lit Classic-Turned-Musical 'The Little Prince'

The tale of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery will always be relevant, no matter our age is. If it touched your heart as a kid, the story transcends as you grow into an adult – opening the eyes of the heart and be reminded of the invisible and essential. After Make Believe Production’s success in turning this literary favorite into a well-applauded musical, the soundtrack is now available on Spotify for everyone to listen to and recall the memories of its story everywhere you go.



The showcase, which is a brainchild of husband and wife Lesley Leveriza-Lina and Pipo Lina, has received a positive response since staging their initial act back in September 2017. Fans asked them where they can find and listen to the original song, thus leading them to step inside a studio and record. Fast forward to present and the 16-track collection features favorites like “Starlight” and “Surely (A Love Song for A Rose),” character songs by the Queen, Conceited Man, and the Lamplighter, the Fox’s secret and the most celebrated words from the book out into a song called, “What is Essential,” the introductory song for the Prince called, “Enter the Little Prince,” and more.




During the launched of its Spotify premier, the cast of The Little Prince Musical shared the biggest lessons they learned from performing the piece. Let these nine statements be your guide when you’re losing sight of what’s important in life.



“Take away the non-essentials, strip away all the things you’re not supposed to learn, then who are you? You’re just somebody filled with wonder, somebody filled with curiosity, and at any given stage or period, whether it’s a good year or a bad year, you can always be that child and see things with childlike eyes.”  – Pipo Lina

“One of the messages is to forget everything else and remember all things essential to you. If you do that, you get the simplest, rawest core of who you are.” – Alejandro Rivera



“Being a kid at heart is not being an escapist. It calls to that pureness inside of you. Whatever you do comes from there. It’s not vanity, it’s not agenda, it’s really just you wanting to help others. You are an adult, but there’s a child driving you forward.” – Micko Yabut

“Being open to learn, to other people, and to opposing opinion. Being a child means that you don’t have that ego to you. Be open to new things and be open to the love that you have in your heart.”  – Aria Ortega

“What is essential is invisible to the naked eye. Mostly, we are used to finding reason in whatever we do, but there are some things that I guess, people just ca’nt define but then you feel it. And you don’t have to question those things. Love, friendship, people take that for granted but those are things that make up life. Make up who we are as people. I think that’s something we shouldn’t forget.” – Lis Fortun



“Don’t just be what other people want you to be. You should just do what you wanna do. You decide your own destiny, you are your own author and your book is your life. You pick your own path.” – Lukas Magallano



“Push for the dream that you’ve always dreamed of. It doesn’t matter what the world is telling you. It doesn’t matter what age you are, but if you have dreams, do it. Just do it.” – Zildjian Pigao

“Be vulnerable not just to what is fun or what is beautiful, but also to heartache or being rejected or shut down or being sad if somebody doesn’t love you. Being able to live through the doubts, and still be okay with that. Still be able to accept that it’s part of being human.” – Ivyann Wong

“I think the biggest message of this show is hope. I think nowadays a lot of people forget about hope. We forget to think positively, and we forget to look at the bright side of everything. We always tend to use hate instead of love, but we should spread love, not hate. And of course, to follow your dreams.” – Josh Michael Ramirez