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MetaCinema As Stand-Up Routine: A Review Of "Deadpool 2"

Deadpool 2 is upon us, and as the novelty of the character is gone, his exposition and back story already expounded on in the first instalment; what are we left with to look forward to? Well, the answer lies in the screenplay and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool going all out stand up comic in this sequel. Plot wise, the new twist is Deadpool trying to be a team player, an training.


In terms of story, there’s the introduction of a ‘villain’ from the future, Cable (Josh Brolin, who is monopolising all the villain roles this year as he was Thanos as well). And there’s Russell (Kiwi Julian Dennison from Hunt for the Wilder People) as a young, orphan mutant who’s been abused at the mutant shelter. Assembling his team, the X Force, the standout among Deadpool’s recruits has to be Domino (Zazie Beetz) whose superpower is ‘being lucky’—and how she proves it is a valid superpower is one great visual action sequence. 

If ever you had to call something Fast & Furious in this film, it would be the jokes and quips. The screenplay is a wiseass’ wet dream; with one joke following each other in perpetual motion. There’s even a meta quality to the jokes, as Deadpool parodies himself, pokes fun at Wolverine, Green Lantern, Batman, the DC Universe, the X-Men franchise, James Bond, and even uses the musical soundtrack as a running joke. Quite often, he also breaks down the fourth wall, talking to us, the audience. For some, there may well be a case of joke fatigue—but one always has the option to pay less attention, and go for 80% of the jokes, and still enjoy the film.



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The last thing to be forewarned about is that this sequel is not as sexy as the first film. As Deadpool says at the onset, despite his foul mouthed demeanour, this sequel is a family film—and how he proves this to be true is a joke in itself. There’s enough here to make watching an enjoyable experience, just don’t expect the impact and surprise of the first film to be replicated.