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Binge-Watching During Holy Week? Here Are Shows To Stream That Suit Every Personality Type


CHEF’S TABLE – You’ll certainly be licking your chops by the end of every episode in which some of the world’s best chefs are featured within their culinary “habitat.” Netflix presents these food maestros’ true stories in their own words as well that of other chefs who revere them in a cinematically breathtaking series. We love how the episodes highlight their journeys as individuals and not just as chefs.



BARBECUE – Did you know Mongolians have a totally different take on barbecue, which includes a bizarre inflation of fresh caught game? Or perhaps you didn’t know that the alcoholic Mexican drink Mescal also involves a barbecuing process? Discover how different ethnicities celebrate life through the preparation of grilled and seared food in this mouthwatering documentary.



UNDER AN ARCTIC SKY – Sub-zero temperatures, spine-chilling waves, thicker wetsuits that barely help with the cold, a drone camera as big as a small child, and talented surfers and filmmakers…all knitted together to produce one of the most beautiful winter-set documentaries ever. Award-winning and self-taught photographer Chris Burkard directs the production of what they all thought was an inane attempt to capture certain visuals others would not go through the same great lengths to achieve.



TRAIN TO BUSAN – Before making fans swoon in Goblin, Gong Yoo came to our rescue in this pulse-racing chase of a film. An unknown viral outbreak threatens to consume the population and while a divorcee dad agrees to bring his daughter from Seoul to Busan, the infection spreads to the KTX train they’ve boarded, they must escape with their lives to avoid transforming into zombies.




MINDHUNTER – Why do serial killers do what they do? What can help them catch a serial killer before he or she kills again? The answers to these questions are what drive these FBI agents to band together; Holden Ford, a young brilliant criminologist in-the-making and big, wise, and street-smart Bill Tench to eventually form a department within the bureau for this type of research. Their research brings them to the darkest prisons in various states across North America to strike up conversations with some of the country’s most feared convicts. The series has been mentioned to contain “more chatter than splatter”



LINE OF DUTY - AC12 department is an unpopular yet courageous police unit with one goal: to investigate possibly corrupt cops even at the highest level. Betrayal, suspicion, integrity, courage, and sharp sleuthing all come into play in the process of sniffing out the source of a stench in the pack. We love that it feels like a British blend of CSI, AMC’s The Killing, and BBC’s Sherlock all rolled into one binge-worthy series. You’ve got 4 seasons to get through, which makes it a fun ride for crime TV fans.



STRANGER THINGS - Set in the familiar and retro era of the eighties in the suburbs of Hawkins, Stranger Things begins with a young boy named Will Byers, who suddenly goes missing while heading home on his bike one night. Will is one of an adventure card wielding boy’s club group of four, and his friends are deeply concerned after his disappearance. Meanwhile, nearby, an odd little girl with special abilities escapes from a strange facility and will change their lives for good. In the awaited installment that was Season 2, each of these characters battle even greater odds to protect Hawkins from a lurking danger larger than they imagined.



CASTLEVANIA (ages 16+)

Based on the video game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse Konami, the story takes a twist on Count Dracula’s past, revealing the deeper cause for his vengeful rampage on humanity. It turns out, Dracula once fell in love with a human woman whose passion was advanced medical science and the study of the paranormal for healing. Upon discovering this, the local church officials deem her a witch and execute her, unleashing Dracula’s wrath and curse upon the town, giving them a year to change and repent for this murderous act. When the town and church fail to comply, Dracula unleashes his horde of demonic beasts on the land to rip and kill through society. Meanwhile, Trevor Belmont, a rogue nobleman will discover the relevance of his presence near the slaughter.



STARGATE (1994)- This throwback movie is about a (then) present day team in Egypt trying to decrypt and configure the function of an archaeological find, an interstellar portal which eventually transports them to an ancient civilization ruled by Ra. The tricky part? In order to return to their origin and time back through the gate they first need something from the planet’s despotic ruler.



THE CROWN - In one of Netflix’s most successful original productions, the dramatized story of Queen Elizabeth II unfolds. A young girl, who lived through a century tainted with world wars, lived to see her own father, a reluctant King, sadly consumed by his role. Growing up with the knowledge that she would one day be Queen was a blessing and a burden all at once. Starring Claire Foy as the queen for the first two seasons, The Crown is one series for drama fans that shouldn’t be missed. In Season 2, the series gives audiences a more in-depth peek at the reality and possible drama behind Elizabeth and Philip’s marriage.



MR. ROBOT - Elliot Alderson, a young, anti-social yet gifted hacker loses his father early in life to a terminal illness. Rising high above the urban melting pot they live in is E Corp. (or “Evil Corp” as Elliot calls it), a looming conglomerate providing the leading digital tech systems and online services, banking, and electronic coin included to the entire realm. All Elliot is left with after his father’s death is his gift as a digital tinker, a promising job, a deepening curiosity, and a hole deep inside where his sense of purpose ought to be.



GOBLIN - The story begins with a great warrior general, Kim Shin (Gong Yoo), who was killed by a murderous and envious king. He becomes a “Dokkaebi,” an immortal goblin and protector of souls. Eventually, Shin realizes that he doesn't want immortality anymore but needs a human bride to end his long life. Meanwhile, high school student Ji Eun-Tak (Kim Go-eun), sees ghosts and hears their whisper of “Dokkaebi’s bride.” 




Watch dynamic acting onscreen as real-life mother and son Sylvia Sanchez and Arjo Atayde star opposite one another in this tale of sacrifice, karma, redemption, and romance with supporting performances by Eric Quizon and Sue Ramirez. How far will a mother go to save her son’s life? What sort of consequences lie in wait for the choice Sonya made to save her son, Paco?




THE ADVENTURES OF PUSS AND BOOTS - Nobody can forget Shrek’s furry and swashbuckling feline pal, Puss In Boots, especially since he’s off on his own journey now. Feel the fur, swish the tail, heed his kitty eyes, and join Puss on his string of new adventures.



BARBIE DOLPHIN MAGIC - Barbie and her sisters, Skipper and Chelsea, accompany Ken to his internship at a beautiful dolphin reserve lab by the ocean. One special dolphin isn’t well and it seems that it needs something more than just observation and treatment. They also make a new friend, Isla, who points out that the dolphin isn’t actually sick, he needs to be free. 



BLUE’S CLUES - It may be an oldie but the kiddie TV show Blue’s Clues is certainly a goodie. Everyone’s favorite sweet blue dog, Blue, and his friendly owner, Steve, help kids learn about life and how things work while exploring at home and outdoors. Who can forget the iconic segment “Mail Time” and that amazing way they hop through pictures and get to know objects together?