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"Black Mirror" Will Be Back for Season 5! And While You Wait, Try The Coach Dating App Inspired By One Of The Show's Episodes

It’s official! Black Mirror has been confirmed for season 5. Are you ready to plunge deeper into the future?



The Emmy Award-winning series on Netflix created by Charlie Brooker will be back for season 5 but Netflix has yet to announce an exact date for the release. Black Mirror Season 4 released just a few months back on December 29, 2017. And if we’re following the Black Mirror release date cycle, season 5 is surely going to be sometime before 2018 ends.

Right now, all we have is this cryptic teaser video confirming the release and most fans are already speculating what the 12 screens in the teaser could mean. Some are hoping for a 12-episode season, while some are just utterly speechless and restless for the next season.

Season 4 released with six episodes and offered a variety of timelines in the Black Mirror universe for the viewer to enjoy and ponder upon. One of the most well-received episodes is episode 17 in the series titled Hang the DJ, where a new dating app called Coach was introduced.






As a recap, the Coach is actually a simulation that tests the capability of two people. The episode showed how the simulations are actually run, where a digital companion is placed in a circular tablet and aids the individuals in choosing their partner. The Coach shows the match-made couple how much their “relationship” is going to last—varying from a few hours to years—and couples will have to live out that relationship until the system pairs them up with their “ultimate compatible other.”

If you’ve been wanting to find out how much time the Coach would give you and your partner if you were inside the simulation, you can go ahead and find out in this nifty new website that Black Mirror developed, where you send a link to your partner and you can both check out how long the Coach determines your relationship will be.

Head to the Coach website to get started. Just remember, whatever you get, just trust the system.

Or, you know, you can always rebel.