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Breast Cancer Awareness: What They Did, What You Can Still Do

The pinkest month (a.k.a Breast Cancer Awareness Month) of all in a year may be over, but that doesn't mean attention given to breast cancer prevention and awareness should diminish. October saw a multitude of events that gave a modern spin to breast cancer discussion, on top of the usual fashion shows we are used to and we love.

There were themed indoor cycling bike rides...

Yoga-anchored lectures...

Chic social media campaigns...

Lovely statement jewelry...

And makeup and photo sessions with both society personalities and influencers, and breast cancer survivors.



The Estée Lauder Companies Philippines group, who mounted the BCA indoor cycling series and the BCA awareness photo shoot, also organized the Wellness Morning with personalities and BCA survivors where the latter all got dolled up to celebrate life and beauty. In partnership with the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Inc., the event became a venue for the other guests to ask whatever questions they may have regarding breast cancer awareness and self-testing. Truly a win-win for all the guests, no matter which group they belonged to. 

Now if you didn't get to join any of the BCA events in October, you can still do your part in helping promote this important advocacy! Volunteer at or donate to the Philippine Breast Care Foundation at the Ground Floor OPD Building Breast Care Center, East Avenue Medical Center (BCC-EAMC), East Avenue, Quezon City; you may call 02-9280611.

I Can Serve is also always open to accepting volunteers, and has a wide range of available posts for you no matter your interest as long as you want to help with BCA. Call 02-6365578 or visit for more details.

Or why not sponsor your own BCA-themed indoor cycling class, yoga session, or maybe a culinary class where you and your guests learn to prepare food that may help lower the rish of breast cancer? Well, whatever you choose, keep in mind:



Photographs from The Estee Lauder Companies Philippines