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Bulgari Reveals Magnificently Redesigned Store in Greenbelt 3

The famed Italian jewelry house offers an escape to a world of elegance and heritage, and truly brings the phrase ‘la dolce vita’ to life

Bringing 'la dolce vita' to life, Bulgari's newly redesigned boutique located at the heart of the Makati central business district is a luxurious escape | Bulgari

Bulgari’s 198-square meter newly redesigned boutique store opened last October 15 at Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City. Strategically located in the country’s leading financial district and in one of the city’s high-end retail centers, the jewelry and watchmaker brand’s boutique brings la dolce vita to life.

The entrance is flanked by white Travertino Navona round columns that speak of the brand’s affinity to its Roman and Grecian roots. Upon stepping inside, clients are embraced by luscious, earth tones that bring to mind the Eternal City’s ambience. Bois Jourdan marble at the entrance threshold, sweeping views of apricot-colored furnishings and upholstery, as well as illuminating crystal chandeliers made and flown in from Italy welcome visitors to a contemporary experience of both Bulgari and Italian heritage.

At the center of the Bulgari store in Greenbelt hangs a magnificent crystal chandelier that adds a gleam of decadence to the jewelry on display but at the same time, highlights the warm, rich palette of the store. | Bulgari

Linking the Greenbelt store to all the other Bulgari boutiques around the globe is the historic Via Condotti eight-pointed star, which symbolizes the saying “all roads lead to Rome”.

Rendered in red porphyry, the star is a focal point from which patrons can see all the major sections within the area. These sections include galleries for ladies’ jewelry, ladies and men’s watches and jewelry, accessories as well as a dedicated area for bridal jewelry. 

Following the concept and direction of famed architect Peter Marino, the newly redesigned boutique features furniture that beautifully pays tribute to the tradition of Italian design | Bulgari

The store follows the concept and artistic direction of the celebrated American architect Peter Marino, who has partnered with Bulgari, among many other luxury brands, in reinterpreting the architectural and aesthetic heritage of ancient Rome into cutting-edge, contemporary design. In fact, Marino is widely credited for reshaping and redefining modern luxury retail by skillfully bringing the legacy of designers or brands to the fore through architecture, thus allowing clients to deepen their appreciation and relationship with their preferred labels. 

Marino’s touch can be seen too with the choices of furniture that pay tribute to the tradition of Italian design. Different pieces such as the Mangiarotti table, Oswaldo Borsani sofas, chairs or clubchairs complete the store’s seamless blending of classic and contemporary. An oval-shaped counter with light galvanized iron inspired by the Italian architect Carlo Scarpa is an enticing invitation to saunter around the boutique to explore, discover, and shop. Adorning the very center of the store is a crystal chandelier that adds a gleam of decadence to the jewelry on display but at the same time, highlights the warm, rich palette of the store.

As one of the very few luxury jewelry brands that have successfully integrated its jewelry with its accessories and luxury bags, it is only right that Bulgari has dedicated an area of the redesigned boutique to these works of art | Bulgari

At the rear end of the shop, VIPs are entertained at an oval, private sales room inspired by the days when Italy was at the pinnacle of the film era. In the 1950s and 1960s, many Hollywood stars came to Rome to make movies, and one of these was Elizabeth Taylor. It was during the epic, golden years of the Dolce Vita when she visited Via dei Condotti while filming in Rome. She, among many other film goddesses, were Bulgari’s great inspiration for the VIP room concept, the jewelry and Peter Marino’s design.

Located at the farther part of the boutique is the VIP room, inspired by the days when Italy was at the pinnacle of the film era | Bulgari

The redesigned Bulgari store is truly, an escape—a space to indulge in all things luxurious.

Enjoy a 360° virtual tour of the newly opened Bulgari Greenbelt store via this special link.