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Buying These Notebooks Helps Build New Classrooms For Kids

It’s back to school season and while the kids are now busy with meeting new classmates, homework and other school activities, some children from far-flung areas don’t have access to education. There are some who lack books and school supplies; some don’t even have a classroom to begin with. Good thing that more and more people are aware and active in lending a hand for communities in need. You can also take part in this revolution by purchasing a notebook. Yes, you read that right.

To help build institutions of learning in underprivileged areas, social enterprise HOPE, who started Hope in a Bottle devoted to the same cause, partnered with National Bookstore to create a line of special paper products that inspire “hope” to customers and raise funds as well for the construction of public school classrooms.



These cute notebooks are perfect not just for the young ones but also for working professionals, too. They carry leather journals, notepads, and notebooks that you can use for everyday, may it be for an important client meeting or just jotting down your thoughts at the end of the day.