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Here's A Chocolatey Advocacy That You—And Your Sweet Tooth!—Can Support Right Now

We know, we know.

When sweets and desserts are the topic of conversation, we don't exactly associate them with healthy eating habits and poverty-related hunger busting on a national level.


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But what if we told you that your purchase of a chocolate bar––one loved by pretty much everyone you and I know––could be of help to a child in depserate need of nutrition? What if we told you that your unparalleled love of chocolatey goodness has just been given the opportunity to serve a greater mission other than fulfill your sweet tooth's many, many cravings?

Well, read up because we speak the truth here, and this isn't at all hypothetical!


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In partnership with non-profit Feed Philippines, Cadbury Philippines launched its Generosity Bars that we love for more reasons than one; it not only boasts of the familiar creamy, velvety consistency of the classic Cadbury bar, but a purchase of one also directly helps the millions of childrean supported by Feed Philippines. 

How so, you ask? 


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Well, the Generosity Bar, though appearing to look the same on the outside, is made with less milk content and instead, is all about Cadbury's dark milk chocolate flavor. Despite having less dairy, we guarantee that it's just as yummy, and no, you still can't have just one square at a time.

The reason behind the milk diet is simple. The amount that would have otherwise gone into the creation of a classic Cadbury bar is instead given to a child suffering from issues of malnutrition, helping provide them with the nutrients and vitamins they need in order to develop into physically and mentally healthy individuals. 



A Generosity Bar costs P155, which, in the grander scheme of things, is a completely reasonable amount to give if it means being able to have that much impact in these children's lives. 

After all, over four million children in the Philippines suffer from malnutrition––a problem that snowballs into bigger issues such as the inability to perform well in school, non-participation in extra curricular activities, hefty medical expenses for their families, and just the general non-enjoyment of childhood. If coming home with a chocolate bar means being a part of the solution, we ask, why not? 

Mondelez Philippines brand manager Arlene Amante shows us how the initiative has already helped kids in her post below: 



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So, for those who wish to contribute to this super sweet campaign, you can pick up a Cadbury Generosity Bar at the Cadbury pop-up shop in Glorietta 2's activity center today!


Images from @ylonagarcia @arlenebamante