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Episode Highlights: Catch The Siargao Episode Of "Beached" On Metro Channel


Siargao is a beautiful teardrop-shaped island that includes the following municipalities: Burgos, Dapa, Del Carmen, General Luna, San Benito, Pilar, San Isidro, Santa Monica and Socorro. It is located 800 kilometers southeast of Manila in the province of Surigao del Norte.

The place rose to prominence after the release of the Paul Soriano-directed movie of the same name that was filmed in the island. Not long after Siargao hit the cinemas, Siargao saw a sudden increase in the number of tourists traveling to this once-underrated destination, as they are eager to see what a gem of a place it is. 


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Siargao is known for surfing, but there are other fun and interesting things to do here such as island-hopping, hopping on a motorbike to explore the island, and even food-tripping. 

For an amazing Beached episode, hosts Maggie Wilson and Marc Nelson traveled to Siargao, to find out what it has to offer and discover what makes it unique. 


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Marc happens to have a friend who resides in Siargao. Mika Santos, whom Marc has known for over a decade, ditched the city life to live in this slice of paradise. Asked what made her stay in Siargao, she summed up her answer in one word: simplicity. In the episode, she shared more things to love about Siargao that can just make one imagine how wonderful it is to live here sans all the complexities. 


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They also met Sanne Sevig, who is the head of the Recycling Arts Studio. The focus of the organization is to turn trash into treasure. With the help of the young locals, they collect bottles or plastic around the island and turn them into pillows (yes, you read that right, pillows!). This way, the organization gets to help the locals by offering them a job and livelihood, while taking care of and preserving the environment.


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This episode wouldn't be complete without hanging out with pro surfers. Marc and Maggie got the chance to chat with pioneer surfers Carding Catulay and Eloy Nogalo who briefly talked about how surfing in Siargao was then and now as well as their passion for this surface water sport.


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In between meeting these amazing people, the Beached hosts also sampled the delicious offerings of some of the popular restaurants in the island. They checked out Cafe Loka, whose breakfast offerings they absolutely loved, and Kermit Surf Resort & Restaurant that serves great Italian food. 

"Surely, Siargao is nothing but a paradise. On top of its island sceneries and underwater bountiful resources, there are also very, very kind and caring people living on the island," says Maggie. During their trip, Maggie and Marc loved the sense of community that its locals work hard to maintain. Marc shares, "Siargao is all about helping each other and, of course, helping protect the natural resources of the island."


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Marc and Maggie also tackled the causes of a group called The Sun Crew, whose primary goal is to build a better future for the local children of the province and protect its natural resources. "By providing free surfboard use and lessons in exchange of children's participation in sustainability and educational programs, The Sun Crew is able to reach the younger members of their community," says Maggie. 


With all these experiences, find out what Marc and Maggie's rating on Siargao is!


Catch the replay of the Siargao episode on Beached, only on Metro Channel (Sky Cable Channel 52 and Channel 174 on HD): Thursday, 12NN and 6PM.