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Chef JP Anglo And Marketman Joel Binamira Take Viewers To The Public Markets Of The Philippines In New Culinary Travel Show

A new food and travel show is upon us, but it’s not your ordinary program where the hosts go to culinary spots and try their native cuisine. In Show Me The Market, a fresh and exciting idea from the ABS-CBN News Channel’s ANC-X block, hosts Joel Binamira and JP Anglo visit different locales in the Philippines and go straight to their wet markets. They check out the local produce and ingredients endemic to the place, meet the people who sell and grow them, and whip up dishes that are essentially tributes to the rich cultures of the Philippine countryside.


In Show Me The Market, TV’s new duo are transported out of the comforts of their own kitchens, bringing with them only their open minds, creativity and experience.

Joel Binamira made a name for himself in the local food scene via, the food blog on public markets and local produce which he founded. It was merely hobby and passion until the great Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” noticed how well-researched his entries were and got in touch with the “Marketman.” Binamira is, of course, the Cebuano who cooked lechon for the legendary host and traveler,

using the ingredients and ways his grandmother used. Bourdain declared it “best pig ever!” which would become the perfect tagline for Binamira’s resulting lechon resto chain, Zubuchon. 

Like Binamira, Anglo, the popular chef of the restaurant chain Sarsa which specializes in Negrense favorites, is from the Visayas. He did culinary studies at the Le Cordon Bleu in Australia. While already running two restaurants in Bacolod, he was discovered by the staff of ABS-CBN who were then looking to complete their panel of chef judges for the Philippine edition of Master Chef. The TV stint would give Anglo the confidence to play with the big boys in Manila: he opened Sarsa, which is now six-branches strong. 

In the maiden episode of Show Me The Market, Binamira and Anglo visit Coron where they hone in on cashew nuts, treated locally as a snack or delicacy, and seaweed, a major export to Manila but curiously not consumed by those farming them. In putting a new spin to these, they hope the locals themselves will be able to enjoy and savor what’s right at their backyard.

Ultimately, Anglo and Binamira encounter not just ingredients in this new show, but the human faces – from farmers and fishermen to hawkers and cooks – that form the lifeblood of Filipino cuisine. Binamira shares that in shedding a light on new ways to use local ingredients, the hosts hope to help elevate Filipino cuisine and the appreciation for it.



Show Me the Market airs every Saturday, 1030PM at ANC-X, the new lifestyle block of the ABS-CBN News Channel, ANC, and on Sundays, 7PM at Metro Channel.