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Cleanse By Coastlines This Summer With "Beached"

It’s that time of the year again, when summer is in full swing and Holy Week has just permitted us a peek into a well-deserved peace and quiet. Whether or not you spent your off days out of town, or in another country, we hope that you got to indulge in some mental, spiritual and physical form of vacation, nonetheless.



Let’s admit it, most people usually take this break in the year as an opportunity to spend it at the beach. But if you didn’t, don’t you worry because you’ve got an entire summer to set your sights to days under the sun. And with the Philippines being a tropical country with many nearby coasts, there is never an excuse to miss out on a trip to the shores.



Hosts of Metro Channel’s new show Beached, beach babe Maggie Wilson and adventure seeker Marc Nelson, swear by it: there are just far too many beautiful beaches worth visiting in the country.



Not that convinced? Well, Beached is a show determined to convince you. You’ll be surprised to find that the country keeps many secret coasts that could definitely sweep you off of your flip-flopped feet.

On the first episode of Beached, premiering this April 28 at 10 PM, Maggie and Marc head over to Coron, where they swoon over its scenic sunsets, swim in its stellar shores, and explore its wonderful underwater sights. They even pick up the occasional litter.



For these two beach lovers, having a cleansing experience at the beach doesn’t stop in lying relaxed on the shore. It could also mean consciously lending a hand to clean the paradise you’re so that others can enjoy it in the best possible way.

As Easter passes, and a new beginning commences, take the opportunity to learn a thing or two from Metro Channel’s Beached. Book a trip to any of its featured Philippine beaches such as Palawan, Siargao, and Boracay, and plan a cleanse of the soul and the shoreline.  After all, even the country’s best beaches need a vacation from our vacation.


Let Maggie and Marc lead you to better beach experiences, starting this April on Metro Channel. Catch them exclusively on Skycable channel 52 and Skycable Channel 174 on HD.