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Constructing The Filipino Heart: Why "State Of The Art" Is The New Show To Catch On Local TV


Art. What is or isn’t?  Where has Philippine Art been and where is it going? Iza Calzado explores these questions in State of the Art, the new art show in town, as she speaks to experts, curators, and artists about local art and its place on both the national and international stage.  During what some critics hail to be a new golden age in Philippine art, Calzado talks shop with some of its best players, experts, and visual artists, on this show that premieres on Sunday, June 17, 2018, at 11 p.m.  on ANC 24/7.



In its pilot episode, Calzado explores the first ever Biennale in the Philippines. The brainchild of art impresario and cultural activist Carlos Celdran, the Biennale took place last February in Intramuros—the city’s most important link to our past and the last great bastion still standing. Artists explored the idea of Manila as an Open City—a city that’s been through wars, challenges, and changing hands, but whose spirit remains essentially unbroken.

Calzado walks through the cobblestoned streets, with Celdran as guide, to explore the works of artists like Pete Jimenez, whose “Military Helmets,” collected during various wars in the country, testify to the grit of the Filipino soldier; Alwin Reamillo’s “Bayanihan Hopping Spirit House” which involves the tradition of bayanihan in the country—a social undertaking that’s specific only to the Philippines, and attests to the Filipino’s giving spirit; Cebu collective Kolown’s fake markers peppered throughout various historical sites in Intramuros; Kiri Dalena’s version of the Brechtian psalm “In the dark times, will there also be singing? Yes, there will also be singing about the dark times.”

Calzado also explores the work of Roberto Chabet, the Father of Conceptual Art in the Philippines, as well as a video installation by Jet Melencio, and scavenged dolls and birdcages by Oca Villamiel.  All reveal Philippine reality and the openness of his spirit, in war or peace.

The pilot episode explores contemporary art in the country, even as it’s rooted in the colonial past, and looks ahead at the future. Calzado’s crisp commentary and easy elegance make the show a scintillating watch.



Catch State of the Art on June 17, 11 PM on ANC 24/7, Sky Cable Channel 26; and ANC HD Sky Cable channel 182.

Also premiering next week are new lifestyle shows on ANC. Catch Martin Nievera on Long Story Short on June 18; The Art Show on June 19; The Wine Show on June 22, and Show Me The Market on June 23.