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3 Tips To Cook Like A True Blooded Batangeño According To Sandy Daza

Nobody knows Filipino food the way Sandy Daza does. He’s a chef, restaurateur, author, columnist, food critic, and a TV show host you could say is descended from culinary royalty. He is, after all, the son of famous Batangueña Nora Daza, known as the “Julia Child” of the Philippines. So there is no doubt that he knows the secrets to cooking like a true blue Batangueño.

On the premiere episode of the second season of Casa Daza, launching this April 2 on Metro Channel, Sandy will be revisiting food from his mother’s hometown, remaking them in his kitchen with his cousin Pat-P Daza, and sharing ways to ace Batangas’ best kept cooking secrets.



Curious about the cuisine? Well here’s what you need to know about how Batangueños chow down, according to Sandy




Turmeric or luyang dilaw is a popular ingredient in Taal that lends a wonderful color and subtle flavor to many of Batangas’ well-known dishes. One famous dish cooked with turmeric is Adobong Taal or Adobong Dilaw, which is one of Batangas’ staple servings.






Batangas is home to some very unique and tasty fish. There is the Maliputo, a firm talakitok found in Taal Lake that can grow up to 3 kilos. This delectable fish is a rare delicacy that any Batangueño would enjoy served charcoal broiled with a dash of calamansi.




The tawilis is the only freshwater sardine in the world, and it can be found nowhere else but in Taal Lake. This makes it a rare and attractive dish to try for tourists. Batangueños cook it in a variety of ways. Whether deep fried, inihaw, or paksiw, the tawilis is a Batangueño favorite.

Serve these 3 dishes and bring a bit of Batangas into your home, or catch Sandy Daza talking more about his hometown and its delicious food on Casa Daza this April 2 at 8:00 PM on Metro Channel.



A brand new season with Sandy Daza awaits you this month, filled with more of the Philippine regions’ best food. Watch him revisit some of our favorite local meals, and watch him cook with his friends and family. Stay tuned for more servings of true Ilocano, Bicolano, Cebuano, and Ilonggo authentic recipes, and secret cooking techniques exclusively on Metro Channel, Skycable channel 52 and 174 on HD.