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This Is A Creative Way For Kids To Help Our COVID-19 Patients

RITM doctor Dr. Nicole Perreras has come up with an initiative to uplift the spirits of their patients

No matter how hard the times are, we Filipinos manage to spot the silver lining, no matter how gloomy the past weeks had been due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of losing hope, we find solutions to bring out the bright side of things.

With the increasing number of cases of patients in hospitals, a doctor from the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine thought of a way to uplift the spirits of those who were affected by the diseases. Weeks ago, Dr. Nicole Perreras asked help from friends, who took to social media, for a thoughtful initiative—to encourage children to create handmade Get Well cards for the patient. Each card received will be placed in every patient’s breakfast tray to cheer them up.

creative way for kids to help our covid 19 patient 0

The response online has been welcoming, with a lot of people sharing and inspiring others to join the cause. The first batch have already arrived—which the doctor took photos of and posted on Facebook with a message of gratitude to those who participated.

And the letters kept on coming—netizens have posted their kids’ work on social media in support of this wonderful project.

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How You Can Donate To The Frontliners and Those Stricken Hard By COVID-19

If you’re interested in sending your little ones’ very own Get Well cards for the COVID-19 patients, you may send them at RITM: Research Drive, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, addressed to Dr. Nicole Perreras. If you live far and prefer to send a soft copy instead, you may email the letters at and they’ll take care of printing the cards.