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What to Do at the "Inside Out 2" Mood Swings Installation

Create core memories and swing by this "Inside Out 2" pop-up, happening until June 16

Disney and Pixar's "Inside Out 2" "Mood Swings" installation
Disney and Pixar's "Inside Out 2" "Mood Swings" installation | Photo from @themallofasiaofficial

Get ready to dive back into the world of Riley, who’s now going through puberty in Disney  and Pixar’s Inside Out 2. See her old and new emotions come together in a roller coaster-like adventure that’ll show how newly minted teenager Riley will experience and deal with the highs and lows of this new phase in her life.

In anticipation and celebration of the sequel of the well-loved Inside Out, families are invited to feel all the feels at the wittily-named “Mood Swings” installation at the Central Atrium of SM Mall of AsiaInside Out 2 comes out in Philippine cinemas on June 12!

Here's what you and your family or friends can do at Inside Out 2's "Mood Swings" installation in MOA:

Shoot content to your heart's content. Everyone is welcome to take photos and videos (and maybe even create new core memories) by the booths of old emotions Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust, along with new emotions Anxiety, Embarrassment, Ennui, and Envy. At the center of this fun space are the statues of two emotions: Joy and Anxiety.

Sadness and Embarrassment | Photo from @themallofasiaofficial
Envy and Disgust
MetroStyle People Section editor Grace Libero-Cruz

Explore the other Disney/Pixar character displays. Back to back with the Inside Out 2 area is a space dedicated to other characters like Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, Lightning McQueen from Cars, and Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles.


Shop for Inside Out 2 fashion merch and Funko Pop! There's surely something for die-hard Inside Out fans to take home, as they anticipate the film's release. 

Funko Pop! Disney: Inside Out 2 - Joy
Funko Pop! Disney: Inside Out 2 - Joy | Shop for one here.

Drop by the BYS Cosmetics booth for the Inside Out 2-themed collection. Explore a world that embraces your emotion. Get your hands on this collection, with pieces that come in adorable packaging and colors representing each emotion in Inside Out 2. 

Swing by the Mall of Asia for Inside Out 2’s Mood Swings installation, happening until June 16!

Lead photos from @themallofasiaofficial