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DJ Mo Twister Wins $50,000 Prize On HQ Trivia

If you’re fond of trivia games and are up-to-date with the latest in the trivia world, you probably know this little app called HQ Trivia (now available for iOS and Android). It’s been all the rage since it came out in August 2017, particularly in the United States.

Celebrities have hosted (Jimmy Kimmel, Blake Shelton, The Rock), played, and won—including a certain Barrack Obama that one time, but nobody was sure if it was really him.



But today, an ecstatic Mo Twister won a $50,000 game! Of course, he split the money with a bunch of other HQties who also managed to stay in the game until the 12th question, so the actual prize he won was speculated to be around $15 as he split the prize with 3,000 others.



Last question asked on the HQ game – Answer: Steven Soderbergh

Still, it’s not about the prize, but the pride. Keep quizzin’ HQties!



Lead photo from HQ Trivia Facebook page