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Driven Women For the World

In this day and age, women have left the backseat and have taken on the wheel to drive themselves where they ought to be. Gone are the days when ladies were in waiting. The future is female and Metro Channel’s new show Driven, is stepping on the pedal to put society’s leading ladies at the forefront of television.



Driven Host, Tricia Centenera, gets up close and personal with influential women who aim for the world, namely, a heiress who feels most at home in the wild, a widow who found love in serving others, a fashion designer who is redefining the world through her style, and many more.

Who ever said women can’t?



Gina Lopez

Gina Lopez always searched for something deeper. Her journey from monkhood to missionary only strengthened her desire to make a mark in the world. Today, her passion to push for a better country continues to create ripples that not only change the lives of people at present, but also the lives of generations to come.



Berna Romulo-Puyat

Berna Romulo-Puyat’s loss of a loved one led her into a lone search of purpose and meaning. Embracing change, Berna later on found love again in public service. Now, as Agriculture Undersecretary, Berna continues to move forward, while wining hearts of many local farmers.



Patty Ang

Patty Ang turned her dream into a reality. She let her individuality shine through, and created a clothing brand that not only puts her in the limelight, but also makes anybody who wears it stand out in a crowd. She designed a life she loved, making her life’s work all about empowering women through the clothes they wear.

These are women who can and who did make it happen. They are the leading ladies that were driven enough to make a difference and move others.



Get inspired and meet more empowering women on this all-new show called Driven, premiering exclusively this April 5 at 8:30 PM on Metro Channel. Look forward to a season filled with big and influential names with the likes of, Iza Calzado, Ayesha Vera Yu, Rachel Harrison, Rebecca Bustamante, and more. Let Tricia Centenera, lead you into episode after episode of inspiring stories from society’s most significant women.  Listen in on their meaningful conversations, discover their sincerest motivations, and feel encouraged to follow their plans of action.



Stay tuned to Metro Channel Skycable channel 52 and Skycable Channel 174 on HD, for more of Driven and shows about stylish and empowered living.