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Expedition Swimmer Ernst Bromeis Is Raising Awareness To Save The World’s Oceans

Luxury watch brand Oris has partnered up with Ernst Bromeis in an effort to save our seas

Since the beginning, water has been a source of life. Great civilizations have sprung from and were sustained by the rivers and seas that have witnessed our history through time.

We too, have greatly benefitted from our waters – they are not only a source of economy and livelihood, but a source of pride: our beaches constantly top travel lists and destinations, and our marine life is one of the world’s most diverse. We have the luxury of enjoying powder white sand on our beautiful beaches, scuba diving in world famous sites, and hopping on sunset cruising yachts.

But are we saving something for the next generation? Will our children still be able to experience the serenity of the beach and marvel at the beauty of our vast waters?



Like all resources, even our waters are limited. After centuries of abuse, we are facing the consequences of our actions: pollution, overfishing, and the price of human progress threaten the very biological existence of our oceans.



While there is much work to do in saving our seas, Oris, a luxury watch brand that has long since championed for the oceans, has taken the latest of many steps: a partnership with Ernst Bromeis, a renowned, multi-awarded expedition swimmer. Together, they are helping lead the fight by taking a firm stand and urging others to become responsible stewards of the environment.

“As an ambassador, I’m trying to bring the fundamental importance of water to the people. My new global water campaign is searching for new water ambassadors to increase reach and awareness. It’s time to act and educate people about the need to conserve the world’s water – before it’s too late,” he says.

As part of his campaign to raise awareness, Bromeis partnered with Oris, the premier Swiss watchmaker, for the 2019 project, “The Blue Miracle,” which saw him swim across a number of lakes, including Lake Baikal, the world’s largest freshwater lake.


Bromeis was powered by the Oris Aquis Date Relief, a sleek, high-quality diver’s watch, inspired by the color and feeling of water.

Like the Oris Aquis Date, the new model shares the same architecture and performance values of its predecessor – with a 1.713” stainless steel case and uni-directional rotating diver’s bezel.

It comes with a choice of straps or a metal bracelet, and applied hour markers filled with luminescent Super-LumiNova, allowing swimmers and divers to see the watch under the water. The grey dial with sapphire crystals recall the color of a stormy sea, while the watch’s signature, diving scale numerals in relief, remind you of the elemental role of water in all life.

Offering Bromeis precision and power while out in the elements, the Oris Aquis Date Relief boasts a Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement with a central seconds hand in urgent red, a date that’s seen through a window at 6 o’clock, and a power reserve that lasts 38 hours.

Through his efforts and partnerships with key players who share the same mission and vision to save the world’s oceans, Oris ambassador Ernst Bromeis is able to bring greater and more meaningful change around the world.

Together, Bromeis and Oris hope that by showing the world the beauty of our waters and marine life, we raise more awareness in saving our resources for the next generation.

With the rising temperatures caused by CO2 emissions, scientists believe that coral reefs – home to the rich marine biodiversity - will completely disappear by 2050, along with food, jobs, coastal protection, medicine, and other resources for hundreds of millions of people.


Help support the cause and visit Oris Watches’ road show at Greenbelt 5, The Gallery on July 20-21, 2019.