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Ever Bilena Saw A True Sense Of Bayanihan Within Its Company During Lazada's 12.12 Sale

Ever Bilena’s 12.12 Lazada sale was a success, thanks in part to its hardworking employees and volunteers

During the 12.12 sales, some of the biggest deals and discounts were up for grabs for anyone who still had to accomplish their Christmas shopping, or for people who’ve been eyeing a certain pair of shoes for months on end. December 12 was the time to splurge, and beauty enthusiasts made sure to take advantage of it.

Fan favorite and Metro Beauty Award winner Ever Bilena received over 40,000 orders during the biggest sale of the year—and perhaps the decade—and it became a success, thanks greatly to the hard work of its employees and volunteers.

Stations worked round the clock to pack the orders of Ever Bilena’s loyal customers and get their goodies to them as soon as possible, and even an entire events hall was transformed into a production floor to serve the orders.

Even employees from other departments volunteered to step up and join the packing, which is truly a testament to the family-centered and bayanihan culture within Ever Bilena, something incredibly heartwarming and wonderful especially during this holiday season.