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A Day In The Life: How A Fashion Editor Rewrites The Rules with Huawei P30 Pro

Saying that a single day in the life of a Metro Fashion Editor is like a whirlwind is still an understatement. While it is true, we sure do find a way to make it look stylish! From editing the magazine, dressing up models at a shoot, carrying racks and racks of clothes (yes!), and then rushing to nighttime events, there is almost little to no room to breathe. But every time we get the chance to, we make sure to capture these in-between moments perfectly. Yes, it is a busy life but you can definitely look stylish while doing so!

Here is where the latest Huawei P30 Pro flagship phone comes into the picture. With its topnotch Leica Quad Camera System, captured images suddenly feel like real life. And an extra hectic day instantly looks effortless.

There is definitely variety in a day of a fashion editor, which is what I like about being one. With my new Huawei P30 Pro, live my day with me by the hour through vivid shots and impeccable photography like you’ve never seen it.

7:30 AM: Morning Coffee


My best ideas come when I’m newly caffeinated. I start my day with a fresh latte captured ever-so-smoothly but the camera phone’s 40MP Super Sensing Camera.


8:30 AM: Let’s Get Physical


I’ve learned the hard way that endorphins really help you get through a hectic day. I throw in a few punches in my neighborhood gym to get myself pumped. Even with an indoor setting, I noticed how the Huawei P30 Pro’s camera with Super Spectrum Sensor brings out the brightness to create the perfect setting out of any low-light situation!


10:30 AM: Morning Meeting


I just heard about a new big campaign shoot I’m doing next month with a favorite brand! Glad to be celebrating with a cookie and my favorite on-the-go Prada bag. Notice how the automatic Bokeh feature smoothly makes the background fade?


11:30 AM: Pullout Time!


Time to select clothes for my shoot later! I’m at a brand’s showroom to choose pieces that would go well with the concept. I use the phone camera to help me remember which pieces I got. And isn’t it a lot better that it’s done in high quality photos? The Huawei P30 Pro has adjustable settings to make sure you capture elements the way you want them—yes, just like in a pro camera! For this one, I wanted the colors to pop.



12:30 PM: Shoot Prep, Finally!


While I’m also the Creative Director of the shoot, I’m working with our videographer today to scout for locations in Intramuros. We wanted to beat the heat so the whopping 50x SuperZoom helps us see possible shoot places even when we’re hundreds of meters away! Look at how I can even tell time so clearly from the clock tower right from where I am.


2:30 PM: Makeup Check Before Anything Else


Before we even take the first shot, I always do a makeup check and make sure the hair and the makeup translates well into photograph. Thank goodness for a 32MP Front Camera! I get to see the look as how it really looks like in our photographer’s camera.


3:00 PM: First Layout About to be Shot


I love how the Huawei P30 Pro’s 20MP Ultra-Wide Angle Lens lets me get in all of the action even from far away. You can see the entirety of our team for today doing the best they can to capture the first shots we need to take.


3:30 PM Look Check


Now this is what I call focusing on the details! The ToF feature redefines depth in any photo I take with this super phone. I simply wanted to check how the clothes translate in photos and was surprised with the gradual background fade that just highlights my styling.


4:00 PM: Let’s Get Some Content!



I take my Instagram content very seriously, especially my videos. Here’s a sample content of what I want to post on IG soon! See what the automatic video stabilizing feature of the phone does? No need for a gimbal!


5:00 PM: Give the Model Her Time to Shine

I always love sharp and crisp colors in my BTS photos. Here’s a sample of how the Vivid setting in the phone camera brings out every hue and detail in whatever I’m taking.


5:30 PM: Elevate How You See Things




Now this is a revelation! I was just tinkering with the phone camera when I discovered this super cool feature I’ve never seen before. The Dual View Recording lets me take videos in two different angles—close up and even further away!


6:00 PM: Pack Up Time!


This is when the Huawei P30 Pro really shows off. The Extreme Low Light Performance feature is nothing of its caliber! Nighttime suddenly looks more romantic without getting the usual grainy shot we take in the dark. This is truly special—and also a great way to end a good shoot day!


7:00 PM: Off to Teach My Class


I teach workshop in fashion styling at the School of Fashion and the Arts on the side. I like that I can toggle the brightness of the photo upwards to give me more whites in a dark classroom like this one!


9:00 PM: The Night is Still Young


I dashed straight from class to an evening event to celebrate a brand’s summer collection. The neon signs looked so good in the dark but are further enhanced as I toggle the brightness down this time to make the blacks look more artistic. Easy!


10:00 PM: Finally, the Last Stop


And then there was one! I can’t miss the opening of this new burger joint town! It was extremely low-lit at the venue but is proven to be not a problem with a different perspective on the Low Light setting. See how the neons pop and even better, highlighted in their natural bright hues! Just like how my eyes see them!

It’s been such an extremely packed day. But as I look back on the photos on my Huawei P30 Pro, I am amazed at how my day looked so well curated so effortlessly that it didn’t look jam-packed at all. I guess this is what I love about being a fashion editor—it’s that no matter how busy a day may be, it feels a lot better with great photos to celebrate a day well spent.


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