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Five Movies To Help Set You Off To A Journey

Work is long and the days are draining your spirit and soul. You look outside at the summer sun and you realize you need to get out there and go somewhere, anywhere, before it’s too late. But you can’t. You don’t know why. You can’t seem to get your butt out of bed, or away from your work. The easiest way to transport yourself is through cinema. But what to watch? Something that could snap you out of your drudgery and make you book a trip. We’ve selected five great movies that are guaranteed to get you up on your feet.


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Are you a daydreamer? The type who spends their days looking out the window, dreaming up wild adventures to distant lands beyond the windowpane? You might just be a Walter Mitty, setting off on a journey from America to Iceland to the mountains of Afghanistan in pursuit of a single photo. Step outside and make your daydreams a reality.




Before Sunrise

Sometimes what we need is a way to spice up our lives a little, shake up the routine and talk to someone new. You could make like friendly Jesse in Before Sunrise as he meets Celine on a train ride across Germany. Watch as these two strangers meander across Vienna before the cusp of dawn and fall madly, deeply in love.




The Darjeeling Limited

Are you going through a rough patch in life? Are things not making as much sense as they used to once upon a time? Follow Francis, Peter and Jack as they trek across India on the Darjeeling Limited as they try to piece together their lives after the loss of their father. You might find yourself on a trip just like theirs.




Hector and the Search for Happiness

We all know that feeling. Life is a drag and you hate your job and you can’t seem to find happiness in anything you do. That’s how it was for Hector and his search for happiness. Join him as he leaves his day job as a psychiatrist and jets off across the world, from Shanghai to Africa to the peaks of the Himalayas, only to learn that happiness is a little closer to home than he thinks.





Lion is an oddball on this list, not a journey of discovery but of rediscovery. Watch as Indian-born but Australian-raised Saroo Brierly retraces the course of his life back to his childhood home in rural India from where he once strayed. For those feeling lost and placeless deep inside.