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Fun Facts About The Men In Your Life

What if you can hear what men are thinking—whether they’re happy, angry, or actually, hungry—would this make deciphering what they think much easier? That is it the premise of the recent movie What Men Want, where Taraji Henson, an empowered woman who loses out on a promotion because “she can’t relate to men,” is given the gift of hearing everything a man thinks of.

Too bad we don’t have this kind of superpower. However, there are some things we do know for sure about the men in our lives. Read on!


Real men, real talk

Ohhhh. This is a sensitive topic. In fact, when you talk about what makes a “real man,” you get a variety of answers, some more misogynistic than others. Real men are this and that—who are to judge? Well, we think men however are a lot more complex than that.


Real men have fears

In fact, men, like women, can be afraid of a lot of things—rejection, failure, loss, even cockroaches! Even Superman has kryptonite, so men don’t need to act touch and invisible just to show off. Real men see their fear as a means to be stronger. This could break their spirit, but they will not allow it to keep them from giving a good fight.


Real men have respect

Everyone gets the respect they deserve—no matter the age, gender, or sexual preference. The same goes with other people’s beliefs or opinions—even if it’s far different from what he believes. Hey, that’s life! Plus, you don’t need to earn the respect of a a real man because he’ll give it freely.


Real men have feelings

That and they have no problems expressing them. They cry when they’re hurt, they love without reservations, they’ll might even dejected when they can’t get their favorite piece of chicken! They voice their opinions, even if they’re unpopular. Real men don’t just sit back and keep their thoughts to themselves—especially if these could lead to meaningful and eye-opening conversations.


Real men come clean

The men in our lives, oh we love them so! And while we all have our stories to tell, the men in our lives also know why it’s a must to share their own. Just like these male influencers in Kojie.San Men’s ‘Real Men Come Clean’ campaign. Coming clean about their feelings makes them vulnerable. It could make them easy targets of unfair judgment, especially with trolls and bashers abound, yet this makes them all the more attractive. Authenticity, after all, is sexy. Live it, love it!



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