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Scarlet Snow Belo and Andi Eigenmann Team Up with Grounded For a Meaningful World Oceans Day Project

On June 8, World Oceans Day, various countries around the globe will come together to celebrate the role of the oceans in our everyday lives

It's undeniable that life on earth is all interconnected. To care for the ocean is to care for life and humanity; and to protect the ocean means to protect all life on earth. World Oceans Day aims to raise awareness and to inspire action to protect the world’s oceans and to promote sustainable use of marine resources—and Grounded is doing their part in spreading the word.

For World Oceans Day, Scarlet Snow Belo and Andi Eigenmann have teamed up with Grounded, a lifestyle brand that focuses on a holistic approach to arts and culture, for the #OceanLiteracyForAll campaign. 

The campaign is in partnership with Oceanus Conservation, a non-government organization working to protect and conserve coastal ecosystems.

Scarlet and Andi lent their voices to a digital storytelling of Ocean Adventures with Cory, a children's storybook that teaches children how to take care of and protect the unique and beautiful underwater ecosystem. 



Oceans Adventures with Cory was written by environmental NGO workers Camille Rivera and Aoibheann Gillespie-Mules, and was illustrated by Cy Lagamson. 

Cory, voiced by Scarlet Snow Belo in the English version, takes listeners on a journey of discovery of Philippine reefs. As she goes on her underwater adventure, she learns about marine life and how to care for marine creatures. 

Nature warrior Andi Eigenmann, on the other hand, is the narrator for the Tagalog version of the book. 

Beginning June 8, both the English and the Tagalog audio episodes of the storytelling of Ocean Adventures with Cory will stream for free at Grounded Radio on Spotify, the podcast channel by Grounded.


Now on its third season, Grounded Radio together with Globe Studios introduces Grounded Kids, an educational storytelling podcast for children. In each episode, the kids will be taken on an adventure, filled with fun facts meant to inform and inspire them to care about nature, wildlife, and ocean. 

Each story is accompanied by a guided meditation for kids to encourage them to use their imagination and to spark creativity. 

Listen to the first episodes below

Digital copies of Ocean Adventures with Cory and another children’s storybook, There Are Cities Underwater, are both published by Oceanus Conservation, are available on the Grounded website. As part of the #OceanLiteracyForAll campaign, for every purchase of the digital books, Oceanus Conservation will provide a paperback copy to a child with limited to no internet access in Barangay Union at Siargao Island. 

Grounded is co-founded by Marika Manglapus-Ledesma, Bianca Yuzon-Henares, and Carina Alejandrino-Arenas. 

To learn more about the different projects and advocacies of Grounded, visit and follow Grounded Radio on Spotify to listen to the Grounded Kids podcast.