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The Sound Of Faith: 'Guadalupe' Is Coming

Most of us will have heard of Our Lady of Guadalupe, familiar with the National Shrine and Church in Makati dedicated to her, or aware that there’s a chapel in Fort Santiago that similarly bears her name. But how many would know of the story behind Our Lady, that it emanates from Mexico and dates back to 1531, a time when Mexico was under Spanish rule, just like the Philippines. Or that the apparition predates by centuries those at Lourdes or Fatima?

Come September 28 to October 14, a musical that celebrates Our Lady of Guadalupe, and fittingly entitled Guadalupe, will run at the MERALCO Theater. Directed by Baby Barredo, with choreography by Julie & Rose Borromeo, book and lyrics by Joel Trinidad, and Music by Ejay Yatco; the musical promises to be revelatory, Her story brought forth via drama, music and dance. 


And if some of the names mentioned above were drawn to come back to the stage on account of their devotion to Our Lady, and their eagerness to bring this story to vivid life; playing the role of the middle aged Aztec mat weaver to whom our Blessed Virgin appeared to, is none other than Cocoy Laurel. If you recall, it was this weaver, Juan Diego, who implored Archbishop Zumarraga and Governor Guzman to build a church in her name—a move that helped bring peace to the region, where the indigenous Mexicans/Aztecs were at odds with the Spaniards. Sheila Valderrama-Martinez will be taking on the role of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Opening night of September 28 is for the Punlaan School, a project of the Foundation for Professional Training, Inc. (FPTI). Marking 40 Years of Service, the School is the brainchild of a group of Opus Dei-led housewives inspired to start a school for young students, housewives, and house helpers; to professionalise their work at home and teach spirit of service through culinary, dining service, and housekeeping courses. 

One of the first technical training schools of its type—through the years, it has helped transform the socio-economic profiles of more than 10,000 women. Championing skills and values formation as way to rise above poverty and empower beneficiaries, proceeds of the first night will help Punlaan build a new, expanded school building.