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Hey, Music Lovers! Take This Personality Quiz To Find Out Which Spotify Playlists Were Made For You

Because finding the perfect playlists that sound like your life OST is a must these days. 



Anyone who's ever hummed a tune at work, listened to melodies to nurse a broken heart, sang along to songs on a road trip, or put on a solo concert in the shower (which, really, is pretty much everyone) will understand. They know that music has the ability to help us live better, whether it be through enchancing positive experiences and emotions, or helping us manage tougher days. 

When there's a good tune on, you feel it in your head, heart, and all the way down to your toes, and according to Eve Tan, Team Lead Shows & Editorial, Spotify, SEA, HK & TW, music even "engages different parts of our brain — emotional, physical and cognitive —  all at once and it is a part of how we motivate ourselves on a daily basis." It's truly a powerful thing to have at hand — magical, even, for the most avid music lover.   
Now, thanks to the creative thinkers and innovators over at Spotify, the awesome powers of music just got a potent upgrade.



Through a study of 140 million Spotify users from all over the world, they've discovered how online musical preferences and listening habits can affect what they do offline.

The research has allowed Spotify to deduce four umbrella personality types, and best of all, curate playlists  to match each of them and feature songs best suited for every activity each personality engages in. With this, experiencing music has become more personal and meaningful than ever. 

“Spotify users have real lives; they are focused on health, schedules, work, money, relationships. With that in mind, we understand that with proper curation, music can enhance moods, or change moods," Eve continues.




Here is a quick snapshot of the four personality types:

?    The Planner: Planners are meticulous individuals who know exactly what they want and when they want it. They tend to stream music from specific playlists which contain tracks they obsessively listen to. 

?    The Risk Taker: Risk takers are willing to take unconventional roads to achieve their goals. Spontaneity and a sense of adventure is what they thrive in. Discovering new music and/or artists is part of their music journey. And when they do find something new, they  are likely to dig deep into it. 

?    Easy Going: Individuals who fall within this category are generally relaxed and tend to take time to enjoy the little things in life. They might prefer playlists curated by others or may hit play on playlists that suit their mood at that given moment. 

?    Dynamic: Those who find themselves in this category are seen as adaptable. They are able and are willing to adjust their expectations based on the moment they are in. With that in mind, their music taste tend to vary, allowing them to hit play on various genres. 


And as an extra nugget of insight, here are Spotify's most popular playlists you can listen to right now for instant musical gratification: 

  • Acoustically OPM
  • Fresh Finds
  • Positive Vibes
  • Mood Booster
  • Songs to Sing In The Shower
  • Brain Food


If you're ready to discover more great music — and in the process, learn more about  yourself — take this quiz that lets you in on the Spotify playlists made for you and let music make life better!