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Hey Shopaholic! What Kind Of Spender Are You?

When it comes to shopping, there’s no one who knows how to do it better than you. You know when the stores begin their yearly sales, which branches have the best stocks, and whether or not certain brands have better deals online or in stores. Even among your girlfriends, you’re known to be the guru and the one to approach when there’s a fashion emergency.


But there’s another step to maximize shopping, and make the most out of it—paying with your credit card!


You may (or may not) know it, but your credit card offers different promos and bonuses that can make your shopping experience even more fun... if fun for you means getting more savings and freebies!


Here are six types of shoppers and which credit card suit them best. Read on to find out which one you are plus which credit card is best suited for your shopping style!


  1. The Smart Shopper

If you love shopping at SM and SM affiliate stores such as Our Home, Watsons, Kultura (and more!) because you get so much bang for your buck, then the BDO ShopMore Mastercard Credit Card is for you. Bundled with a FREE SM Advantage Card, you earn the highest rewards points every time you shop at any SM Advantage Partner establishment (like Forever 21 and Uniqlo!). ShopMore is the only card that gives you extra 0.50 peso points on top of the points you earn through your SMAC for every P200 spend. Accumulate these peso points and you can get extra shopping money that will allow you to ShopMore guilt-free! And you also have access to members-only sale events and special offers.

Apply for a BDO ShopMore Mastercard Credit Card!


  1. The Girl About Town


No one knows how to celebrate like you. With BDO Visa Gold Credit Card, you get double the points when you spend on dining and entertainment (movies, plays, concerts and more!). Yes, those weekly dinner and movie dates with your loved ones are part of the double points! And of course, those sought-after international concert performances. If you love being with your family and friends and living it up, this credit card will help you enjoy those important moments even more.

Apply for a BDO Visa Gold Credit Card!


  1. The Lady Boss

With your frequent business travels, it can be quite hectic to actually go on a plain old shopping trip. So when you do finally get the chance to shop in between all your meetings, you take it and don't look back. The BDO Diamond UnionPay Credit Card is a must-have as you take on the world. It's widely accepted in different countries and regions worldwide and the most preferred card in China and in key cities in Asia. Plus, it features a dual currency billing option, so you have the option to pay in US Dollars or Philippine Peso using the prevailing exchange rate (no need to worry about conversion rates!). So the next time you're going on another work trip, make sure you bring this Card with you!

Apply for a BDO Diamond UnionPay Credit Card!

  1. The Minimalist

You’re not one to pile on patterns or accessories, you like your fashion to be streamlined, clean and fuzz free. And that’s why much of your style is influenced by the Japanese fashion style. Before you hit the streets of Shibuya, get a BDO JCB Lucky Cat Credit Card, the best credit card to use in Japan. This card also earns 1 point every P50 spend and you can redeem it on personal gadgets, dining and kitchen essentials, gift certificates, and travel accessories. You may also use your points to waive your Monthly or Annual Membership Fees.

Apply for a BDO JCB Lucky Cat Credit Card!


  1. The Wanderer/The Traveler

Can’t wait to go on your next trip even if you haven’t returned from a current one? BDO Diners Club Premiere Credit Card earns one (1) mile for every P30 charged to your card. You could practically be earning the miles for the next trip while on your current trip! Double miles when you use your credit card for dining locally or internationally. Another bonus is the Diners Club Airport Lounge Access so you’re relaxed and comfortable every time you travel. Indulge on your foodie cravings and book your next trip with this credit card!

Apply for a BDO Diners Club Premiere Credit Card!


  1. The Global Shopper

This credit card is all you need next time you go on a shopping spree abroad with the girls. Because really, that’s the only time you shop. When you’re out of the country. The American Express Cashback Credit Card gives you 1% cashback on local purchases (okay so you can still shop here and support local talent!), and 2% cashback on overseas purchases. That designer bag you were eyeing? You know what to do!

Apply for an American Express Cashback Credit Card!


Not yet a BDO Credit Cardholder? Apply now and avail of more exclusive promos and offers from BDO!


To know more, log-on to, call the BDO Customer Contact Center at 631-8000 or 1-800-10-631-8000 (Domestic Toll-Free) or download the BDO Deals App for FREE at the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store to find out about the latest deals for BDO Credit Cardholders.