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I Can See Clearly Now, Marawi!

The sad, inescapable fact is that News has a very short shelf life. The war-torn areas, the disasters that strike our nation; they occupy the front sections of our dailies and news portals for a finite amount of time. In a literal sense, yesterday’s headlines are wrapping tomorrow’s fish in the market. And that’s why relief efforts, recovery initiatives, have innate problems generating sustained interest - it’s just too easy to move on to the next hot issue or topic. So kudos to those private and Government-owned corporations that continue their efforts in making Recovery and Normalcy an ongoing concern in areas such as Marawi. 



Recovery is never a ‘moment’ or mere thought; it’s a phase, often long and drawn out, that requires sustained effort, persistence, and a capacity to override disappointment, fatigue, and/or disinterest. Often, it may look like you’re on your own; but rest assured that the gratitude of the displaced, the victimised and traumatised, should be more than enough impetus for you to know your advocacy carries meaning.


Kathy Park, VP ASEAN Essilor, at the press event for Marawi 20/20

The Essilor Vision Foundation has its Marawi 20/20 advocacy - knowing what their core competencies are, they are working within them to bring meaning to this Marawi initiative. Collaborating with the Integrated Philippine Association of Optometrists Inc., ESF has embarked on an advocacy that, with the approval of Task Force Bangon Marawi, has translated to Essilor, the world’s leading ophthalmic optics company, carrying out medical missions of a particular nature. 

Volunteer optometrists of IPAO, ‘armed’ with Essilor lenses, have been travelling to Marawi City to conduct free eye check-ups and give prescription glasses for those who need them. The idea being it can boost the people’s confidence, seeing life more clearly, and hoping for a brighter, clearer tomorrow. They’ve also reached out to the local Marawi optometrists to help restart their business or place of business. And they’re establishing an Eye & Vision Clinic at the Department of Health (DOH) Hospital in Marawi City. 

Just last year, Essilor Vision Foundation launched their Eye Can Succeed program that helped over 10,000 senior High School students with free eye check-ups and prescription glasses. It’s all part of the overriding ‘mission vision’ of the Foundation; aligning improved sight with Hope and a chance to create a brighter future. And in the case of Marawi 20/20; I am certain it means so much to the Marawi residents to know that as they restart their lives, they are not forgotten.