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If You’re The Type Of Girl Who Wants Flowers Sent Regularly, This Club’s For You!

Women these days don’t wait around for their significant others to buy them flowers. They’re not swayed by Hallmark occasions and believe that every day is a holiday if you love your life enough.



If you’re the type of girl who likes her dose of freshly-cut bouquets on a more regular schedule, it’s a good idea to join Flower-Pool by Wildflowers instead of waiting on someone else to give it to you. After all, the modern woman is her own prince charming.



You can choose from 2 types of subscription—one-time order (P450), or a one month subscription (4 weeks, P380/week). If you would like to order a mini vase with your bouquet, just add P150!



Their bouquets are unlike any I see in other shops because theirs look like, well, wildflower arrangements. They carefully curate each bouquet, mixing both local and imported flowers. If you’re looking to be surprised (or to surprise someone) with something that’s unusual in the best way possible, order the Florist’s Bouquet, a hand-picked selection of in-season flowers arranged meticulously and lovingly by Wildflowers.



Sweet or sultry? Choose between our Dawn or Dusk Bouquets. Visit to order

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You can look over their catalog or visit their Instagram