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Is This What They’ll Be Serving In Westeros In The Final Season of GoT?

Everybody’s anticipating the big return of Game of Thrones in 2019, but until then, what’s going to keep us warm? Well, Diageo, the company behind Johnnie Walker, seems to have a suggestion, and a good one at that.

Just recently they released a teaser trailer for something that’s coming soon to the realm—White Walker by Johnnie Walker and it’s gotten the attention of the show’s fans. The walking man logo seems to be  walking with a cane that resembles the spear of the Night King, as well as his armor.



The 20-second video gives the sort of chills only a GoT trailer can give, complete with haunting music and a mysterious air every fan knows too well. Not much else is given away and that single post remains as the only one that alludes to anything that concerns the HBO series and the brand.

We’ll have to wait (again) until Fall 2018 to know what exactly this is about.


Lead photo from HBO