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Because Legally Blonde 3 Is Upon Us: 10 Lessons Elle Woods Taught Us About Empowerment


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If there were one poster girl for woman warriorhood—by which I mean the woman who fights to have it all in her life, it would be Elle Woods from the romantic comedy movie series Legally Blonde.

Smart, sassy, and classy, Elle defied the Hollywood stereotype of the vacuous blonde bombshell as she used her wit and grit to secure her degree, career, a decent man, and a fabulous circle of friends. Mind you, none of them were your typical cool kids, but they were all cool where it mattered.

And this is where it mattered: if, like me, you spent your awkward years growing up outside of the It Girls’ circle —we’re that 90%!—you’d know what it’s like to grind at getting what you truly want. Elle Woods also personifies that. Despite being naturally blessed with beauty as we all are, she understood that being eye candy has an expiration date.



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And because being such a kickass lady is timeless, here are our takeaways from Ms. Woods:

  1. When others undermine you, use it to your advantage. Elle’s frat boy ex-boyfriend ridiculed her dream of entering law school. Instead of letting it get the better of her, she used it as a catalyst to prove to herself that she could snag that degree. And snag she did, with flying colors.
  2. Do not be afraid to lose people. Along her journey, Elle encountered several people who didn’t have the best intentions for her. She didn’t cling to them for approval but focused on her dreams instead; eventually, these folks fell by the wayside, making room for new and healthier friendships.
  3. It’s okay to feel down, as long as you don’t stay down. Elle wasn’t always her bubbly self. But like with good champagne, she let the bubbles rise through tears and disappointments. 
  4. Dress in a way that makes you feel invincible. Elle was always put-together, which helped boost her can-do attitude. If you feel blah, wear your favorite outfit or at least put on your best makeup to make you feel better about going through your day.
  5. Share your wisdom and kindness with those who need it. Even if it’s just sharing a signature move to seduce a love interest, Elle knew when and how to help someone in need. A truly empowered woman is willing and able to extend her kindness and strength to others.
  6. Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Despite an intensely busy schedule, Elle kept her eye on her goals and didn’t waste time trying to be petty and catty against her detractors. Where your mind goes, your life follows.
  7. Have something, not just someone, that you strongly believe in. Elle stood for fighting for what she believed was right—and once she got to it, she was unstoppable, even when she had to do the work on her own. People always leave, but a deeply-held goal, cause, or an ideal will always stay. This will encourage you to stay strong even and especially if you feel alone.
  8. Respect and support fellow women, even if they sometimes disagree with you. Elle didn’t make unnecessary enemies of other women who treated her as a rival, and ultimately, she won their respect and friendship. Women supporting their sisters is one of the most gracious ways of demonstrating security and confidence in one’s own power.
  9. Cultivate your own happiness. If you make time for the things that bring you a strong sense of peace, joy, and accomplishment, it makes you more confident in yourself and more well-adjusted to others. Also, according to Elle, “Happy people don’t just shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”
  10. Adapt to social situations accordingly, but never downplay who you are for others’ comfort. Even in the stuffiest law office and the most masculine-driven courtroom, Elle’s bright personality shone through as she dazzled her peers with her intelligence. Likewise, don’t ever compromise your unique personality for the sake of conformity. 



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BONUS TIP: If you’re feeling down on yourself because of a life setback, read and watch stories with strong character role models that help you feel motivated to get back on track. 

For all her candy-colored designer outfits, Elle Woods has definitely been a dark horse when it comes to being a modern Hollywood female role model. And now, she’s back.

Legally Blonde 3 is supposedly in the works now, and we’re looking forward to seeing how Elle fights through the next stage of her professional and personal life. There’s no word yet on what her story will be about, nor who her new supporting cast will be, but with a strong character-driven narrative, we can anticipate another feel-good, empowering, and encouraging tale.  


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