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These Classic Literary Pieces Will Make You Want To Fall In Love Over And Over Again

It’s amazing to think about how love can do so much for people or what people can do for love.

Join us for a trip down memory lane featuring these literary pieces that tells us more about love written by the most iconic and known people in history.


Composer Ludwig Van Beethoven wrote a letter to his Immortal Beloved

Just a memory recall, do you remember that scene in Sex and and City where Big quoted this piece in one of his emails to Carrie after they had a huge fight because of their postponed wedding? This poetry became popular because of its last three lines—“ever thine, ever mine, ever ours”.


A screenshot from Sex and the City (2008)


To space and beyond, in case you would like to compare your significant other to a bright star in the dark, take it from E.E. Cummings who is known for using these as metaphors.



Napoleon Bonaparte, being part of military and an emperor during early 19th century, proved he’s a passionate lover, too. He wrote this to one of his lovers:



Lord Byron (George Gordon), regarded as “one of the greatest and most influential British poets”, shows us a sample of his utterly touching poems:



Elizabeth Barett-Browning’s How Do I Love Thee remains a classic for its palpable, sincere, and compelling lines. Feeling nostalgic yet? I’m certain you’ve encountered this in your Literature classes.



Last on the list which is definitely not the least- who would ever resist to read William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116? I bet it’s never a classic moment unless you talk about him and his works.




Gone are the days when people really exchange cards during  the season and many other occasions. May we be reminded that love is love regardless of the medium we use to express it. That love is love—platonic or romantic. Above all, I am certain that it shouldn’t discriminate—gender, forms, color, race, shape—you name it!

Happy Valentine’s Day! May we all receive the love we deserve.