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Lilianna Manahan Launches Website With A Funkastic Jewelry Collection

The designer has built a platform that not only displays her work through the years, but also encourages visitors to celebrate art, design and beauty

Funktastic accessories mark the launch of designer Lilianna Manahan's website—and we're definitely getting piggy with it

Just as with many artists amidst a lockdown, designer Lilianna Manahan found herself with more time to work and explore more methods and mediums in which she could create and tell stories. It’s a blessing for many artists, and Manahan is no exception. She had taken a wax carving class at the end of 2019, and she found herself developing and honing this skill during the first lockdown. The result? Exquisite accessories, art pieces in their own right, that she titled Funk in Flux.

“Its aesthetic bounces off my fascination with the beginnings of the story of creation,” Manahan shares. “It was not only fun to finally use the tools I had acquired, but it was also a contemplative process for me to embrace an unlikely situation and enjoy whatever the day brought.”

On 'Funk in Flux': "They’re there to remind you of the good days and the bad days, and the in-betweens where you create where you are, catch a laugh, or bust a move.”

‘Funk in Flux’ is a one-of-a-kind jewelry collection that celebrates the nuances in life that are forming into something beyond imagination. “They’re there to remind you of the good days and the bad days, and the in-betweens where you create where you are, catch a laugh, or bust a move,” she smiles.

The launch of ‘Funk in Flux’ coincided with the launch of her official website (, launched last August, where Manahan hopes people feel encouraged to join her in her journey of digging deeper into what the imagination is, cultivating creativity, while celebrating everything about art, design, and beauty.

“My website has taken the shape of a platform where I want to share my work, not just for you to see my creative growth, but to contribute to your daily visual experience by providing you with little pockets of delight, by engaging all your senses to take part in experiencing a piece,” Manahan enthuses. 

Artist and designer Lilianna Manahan

The website begins with a call to jumpstart your imagination; and it delivers in that visual sense, letting you flow with the different sections and avenues in which you can explore—Gallery, Art, Design, Shop, Inspire, Journey, and Share.

Designed to be experienced and enjoyed, time spent on the website is time well-spent, and it gives wonderful insight into the artist and creative that is Lilianna Manahan.

To know more about Lilianna Manahan's latest projects, visit her website at and check out her Instagram @liliannamanahan.