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Get Luck Tips And Daily Forecast With The New Maritess Allen Feng Shui App

It's feng shui right at your fingertips!

The practice of feng shui (or geomancy), which is the use of energy forces to harmonize individuals with the environment, has been around for so long. In recent years, it's been used to determine elements inside the house, utilize crystals and accessories to encourage luck and positivity into one's life, and even set dates for ceremonies and ground-breaking events like marriages or the opening of a business.

And for years, feng shui expert Maritess Allen has been one of the go-to masters for advice and guidance of Filipinos. In fact, she is the first Filipino to receive the prestigious “Master in Feng Shui" recognition from the International Feng Shui Association. She is also the only Filipino member of the Feng Shui Societies of London and Singapore, and the World of Feng-Shui Malaysia. Her passion for the art drives her to guide others to have better luck and better lives.

Following the success of her feng shui books with ABS-CBN Publishing, she is now breaking into the digitalsphere with her new app, the Maritess Allen Feng Shui app.



The pioneering app is created in partnership with API and Synergy88 Digital, and features daily forecast and opportunities tailored fit for each individual, depending on your Chinese zodiac. The app was just officially launched earlier this Month at Marco Polo Ortigas, but it was quickly and positively received by feng shui followers and enthusiasts and, as of writing, is already ranked #8 for Top Grossing Books & References.



Using the app is super easy—and free, too! There’s an option to log in via Facebook so the app can get your details quick, including your birthday, and you’ll have instant access to daily forecasts that includes general tips and guidance, and a list of suitable and unsuitable activities to consider doing or not doing for the day.

For those who wish to gain access to the entire lunar calendar to view forecasts and plan accordingly way ahead of time, there is a premium feature that can be had for only 50 pesos.


Check out and download the Maritess Allen Feng Shui app for Android via Google Play and for Apple via the iTunes store.