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Meet WeTV's Global Brand Ambassadors—C-Drama Superstars Dilraba, Xiao Zhan, Yang Mi, and Yang Yang

Are you ready to get closer to your favorite C-Drama stars in a big way?

Are you a fan of Chinese dramas? Well, here's some great news! WeTV, Tencent Video’s international video streaming platform, just revealed their four new global brand ambassadors—the super-talented and charismatic stars Dilraba, Xiao Zhan, Yang Mi, and Yang Yang.


The new global ambassadors are no strangers to the entertainment industry, having appeared in some of the most successful and well-loved Chinese TV series, movies and programs.

Among some of their popular shows include Eternal Love of Dream (starring Dilraba), The Untamed, and the upcoming series The Oath of Love (featuring Xiao Zhan); the highly-awaited She and Her Perfect Husband (starring Yang Mi), and The King's Avatar (starring Yang Yang)—all of which are carried by Tencent Video. Both Yang Yang and Dilraba are also currently starring in the much-anticipated series You Are My Glory, which just premiered on WeTV. These shows are highly coveted and have gained popularity across global markets, streamed through WeTV and other platforms. 

Eternal Love of Dream (starring Dilraba)
The King's Avatar (starring Yang Yang)

 On the second anniversary of its overseas launch, WeTV partnered with the four global ambassadors, to leverage local and international resources to provide more premium content. WeTV aims to bring first class entertainment experience for users in each market, so that our users can “Watch the Best Asian Content on WeTV”. To add excitement to the campaign, each of the four artists—Dilraba, Xiao Zhan, Yang Mi, and YangYang—were presented in their own TVC clip highlighting the different aspects of WeTV.

Watch the exclusive campaign TVC featuring the WeTV Global Brand Ambassadors below:

WeTV users will also get the chance to win exciting prizes just by showing their support for their favorite brand ambassadors. All they need to do are play games and complete missions to collect LIKES for their favorites. These include watching videos starring either Yang Yang, Dilraba, Xiao Zhan and Yang Mi, or even just logging in. Every 100 Likes equals one vote for the ambassador of your choice. You can get more likes by doing activities on a specific ambassador’s page. Among the prizes users can win VIP subscriptions, autographed items, a secret video from their idol or a special VIP box with signed picture cards. 

Catch all the shows featuring YangYang, Dilraba, Yang Mi and Xiao Zhan and send likes to them via mobile here.

To stream the WeTV Originals and the very best in Asian premium content, original series, Filipino shows and anime, just download the WeTV and iflix app from the App store and Google Play, and start watching!