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Forget The Bridal Registry—Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Want You To Donate To These Charities Instead

They truly are the world’s first modern royals.


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As Prince Harry mentioned in their first official interview as an engaged couple, he knew from the start that Meghan would be the perfect partner and addition to the royal family. It’s because she’s not only beautiful and charismatic, but more importantly, also has a strong sense of social responsibility and strives to make the world a better place.


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In fact, she’s accomplishing the task even before she becomes an official royal; Meghan, as well as Prince Harry, have requested their wedding guests and other well-wishers not to buy them presents. Instead, they request all those who plan to gift them on their big day to donate to seven charities that they support.


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The intention was not only to provide financial assistance to their chosen organizations, but to call attention and raise awareness of these charities’ causes that the couple is also passionate about. Some of the groups are Britain’s lesser known charities, and the newlyweds-to-be wish to rally for more support for them.


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This, after we though the lovebirds couldn’t have become any more admirable!To see which charities Meghan and Prince Harry are dedicating part of their wedding to, read on:


Children’s HIV Association (CHIVA)



CHIVA is about giving children with HIV/AIDS a voice. Other than raising funds for HIV/AIDS-affected youth in need of proper healthcare, the causes of the organization include correcting the stigma around the disease, fighting discrimination against children with HIV/AIDS, and helping their beneficiaries grow up in socially supportive environments.

This echoes one of the late Princess Diana’s biggest advocacies: caring for people, both young and old, with HIV/AIDS in some of the world’s most impoverished nations.


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The Myna Mahila Foundation



Building on Meghan’s women-centered advocacies she’s worked on with the UN, she and Prince Harry’s involvement with India's Myna Mahila Foundation is all about helping women become more empowered. The foundation focuses on three things: deepening the understanding of and increasing the acceptance of feminine hygiene issues, generating employment for women in underserved communities, and forming more sustainable and solid female networks.


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Scotty’s Little Soldiers



Just as its name implies, this British charity is about serving children of members of the Armed Forces who have lost a parent. Princes Harry and William both served in the British military in the past, and both of them have been become avid supporters of military-related charities since then.





This youth-focused charity brings sport to disadvantaged communities across England, Wales, and Scotland. Activities are designed to keep youth productive, physically active, and away from negative influences, while also raising their confidence, helping them forge friendships, and leading them to discover new passions in sport.

Choosing to donate to this charity is reflective of the decision of Princes William and Harry, as well as Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, to focus many of their charitable efforts on improving the lives of and inspiring the youth.


Surfers Against Sewage



Home from the beautiful Scottish island of Cumbrae and reflecting on an incredibly inspiring and rejuvenating Regional Reps Training & Celebration event. . Travelling from across the UK from Herme to the Hebrides 35 of these truly wonderful volunteers came together to not only train and plan for a plastic free future and healthy seas but also to celebrate the achievements of their fellow Reps. . We can't wait to share the full story from Cumbrae Island in the coming days but in the meantime why not drop your local SAS Regional Rep a line and offer your help? You're sure to be welcomed with open arms! . #SASRegionalReps / #StrongerTogether / #PlasticFreeCoastlines . ?? (C) @lasurfpics

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Growing up, Prince Harry was exposed to the beauty of nature and wildlife through his many visits to exotic destinations abroad, as well as through his family trips around England. Because of this, he’s become a staunch supporter of environmental organizations, including Surfers Against Sewage. The nationwide charity brings together communities and empowers them to protect oceans, beaches, waves, and marine life.


The Wilderness Foundation UK



Prince Harry and Meghan extend their support for environmentalists with this charity that promotes responsible visits to unspoiled areas in Southern Africa and around Europe. While allowing both youth and adults to explore many paths less taken, this charity’s programs also offer much more than just a hike up a hill or a walk in the woods. Each of them are designed to stimulate psychological well-being, inspire respect of the great outdoors, instill a drive to protect nature, and promote mental health.

Considering that the couple’s first out of town trip together was spent camping under the stars in Botswana’s beautiful uninterrupted, un-commercialized land, it comes to no surprise that they wish that others be able to experience the same.





"After a few weeks living on the streets and still working full time hours I realised I couldn’t do it anymore. It definitely impacts on your mental health, especially when it’s raining. I didn’t have a tent. I was just in a sleeping bag down by the beach where it was quiet, and people couldn’t see me. There are always toilets I can find to have a wash and keep myself as clean and presentable as possible before I go to work, but then people look at you and think, why does he need help if he looks so smart?" Without up-front cash for a deposit, people like Adam can find themselves in a desperate situation - in work and homeless. By sharing stories like Adam's we can change attitudes and build a movement for permanent, positive change. Read his full story via the link in our bio and join our Everybody In campaign. . . . #Homeless #Homelessness #Charity #Causes #EverybodyIn #Change #Activism #Nonprofit #DoGood #SocialGood #GiveBack #action #adopt #humanity #humanrights #photooftheday

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As children, Princes Harry and William were often snuck out of the Palace by their mother to go on unsanctioned trips around London so that they could be exposed to the realities that existed outside royal life. Tending to the city’s sick, hungry, and homeless was something that they did with their mother, and it looks like Prince Harry intends to honor that memory with his support to Crisis.

The organization helps the country’s homeless through its housing, employment, education, and advice services, while also campaigning for long-term policy changes that can solve the nationwide problem of homelessness once and for all.


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