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The Metro Manila Pride March and Festival, Originally Set For June 27, Has Been Cancelled

“The scale of our annual gathering can bring unnecessary risks to public health,” the organizers said in a statement

It’s official: Pride this year has been cancelled.

The march and festival, easily falling under the “mass gathering” category, can bring “unnecessary risks to public health” should it push through. 

“The scale of our annual gathering might further burden our healthcare system and other frontline services that are already struggling to respond to the effects of this pandemic,” the organizers said in a statement released on the evening of May 11. 


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“Our tentative host city (Pasay City) and our potential venue partner (the Cultural Center of the Philippines) are both unable to accommodate us this year due to the current health crisis,” they added. “They remain open to a partnership next year.”

The organization has been in the process of pivoting to various online engagements. After all, “social distancing does not mean social disconnection.” The internet exists, and there’s no better time to make the most out of it.

“While the situation prevents us from coming together in person, it will in no way stop us from using online spaces to fight for our rights, protest injustices against the LGBTQI+ sector, stand in solidarity with other vulnerable sectors, and celebrate our communities,” the organizers wrote. “We may not fill the streets but we will still be as loud and as proud in as many digital channels as possible.”


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Read their full statement below: 


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