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Metro.Style's Tips On Celebrating the Perfect Mother's Day

Every year, we are given a chance to pay tribute to our mothers by celebrating Mother’s Day; a day to remember how grateful we are for these wonderful women in our lives. With all the things that our moms sacrificed for us, we owe it to them to give them a stress-free day, the opportunity to relax and have the break they deserve.  

In commemorating a special occasion such as Mother’s Day, the Metro.Style team curated tips on how to create the perfect celebration this coming May 12.


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1. Decide on the kind of celebration you want to have.

There are a lot of ways to celebrate this occasion with your mom and every child has their own unique way of doing so. In choosing what kind of day you want to plan, start with knowing your options: it could be a dinner at a restaurant, a staycation with the family, a nice day at the spa, or just a day of relaxation at home with the whole family. 


2. Know what your mom wants.

In creating the perfect Mother’s Day, it’s very important to know what your mom wants because it is her day after all. While some mothers prefer to be asked exactly what they want or what they want to do, a little element of surprise could add that special touch to a meaningful gesture.


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3. Plan ahead.

Once you’ve decided on what to do, make sure to properly plan out all the details. Mother’s Day is known to be busier than Valentine's Day so make reservations in advance, whether you decide to go for a hotel staycation, a nice restaurant meal, or a spa date. If you plan to go for nice, quality time at home, prepare your mom’s favorite food, and serve it as breakfast in bed or however way you think she'd prefer. If you’re not a great cook, it is okay to just order takeout, put the food on nice plates, and prepare a beautiful table setting. At the end of the day, it’s the effort that counts.


4. Spend quality time with your mom.

Nothing beats the quality time you spend with your mom. Now that everything seems to pass by so quickly, it’s nice to just sit back and bond with your mother, without the disturbances of work or the internet. You could simply catch up on her favorite series, snuggle up in bed with some chips, and have a ‘’Netflix and chill’’ kind of day.


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5. Give her a handwritten letter with a bouquet or box of flowers.

Handwritten letters never go out of style. In this digital age, it is nice to receive something that’s raw and simple, such as a handmade letter paired with a bouquet of her favorite flowers just to thank her for everything she’s done. If you happen to have your own family and live separately from your mom, have it delivered to her home first thing in the morning to brighten up the start of her day.


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6. Send her a box of quality-made chocolates.

Chocolate is always the key to a woman’s heart. The goodness of quality chocolates can automatically give her a delightful day. While there are many delicious chocolates to choose from, why not buy her a box of Toblerone in limited-edition Mother’s Day sleeves, like the ones designed by “It” moms Georgina Wilson-Burnand and Isabelle Daza-Semblat? And if you're looking something that's unique, try going for Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly, a light and creamy milk-chocolate bar that's totally addictive.




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7. Take her out for a stroll around a complex or a mall.

If you happen to miss the reservation period for the restaurants, consider going straight to the mall. Make sure to make a reservation once you arrive, then while waiting your turn, take her on a fabulous shopping date too. Your treat, of course!


8. Schedule ahead of time.

If you’re married with kids, you could possibly be celebrating with 2 moms (yours and your husband’s), and having your own family celebration. Don’t fret, just schedule wisely and make coordinations in advance to enjoy some time with all the mothers you celebrate with.


9. Keep a gift diary.

Trying to remember every gift you’ve given your mom requires quite a bit of memory. Keeping a gift diary is handy, especially when you want to make sure you present something new to your mom this Mother's Day. 


10. Post a simple yet touching tribute on social media.

Social media has definitely become part of our daily lives. If even the simplest occurrences in your life get spots on your Facebook and Instagram feeds, a sweet post honoring your mom and all her lovely traits definitely deserves a place on your profile, too. Post a flattering photo of her, or perhaps one that captures a wonderful memory you both share.