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“My Flipping Family” Turns A 50-Year Old House Into A Chic, Contemporary Malibu Home

Who doesn’t love home renovations and making things look pretty?

Three generations of master flippers work together to turn a 50-year-old house into a more contemporary, cleaner, and chic Malibu showcase—but will they make it work within their budget?


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My Flipping Family is a reality show starring Lucila Sola, her daughter Camila Morrone, and her grandmother Mariana Polak. In a four-episode special, they will work together to turn an old home into something newer, something more fresh, and something more upscale that will, hopefully, turn into a profit.

Lucila recommends that when flipping houses, get the cheapest house in the most high-end neighborhood, and then turn it into something majestic. This time, they’re using an old $700,000 house and will be allocating $80,000 for renovations. Will they be able to pull it off?



The whole house will be renovated so the challenge is to determine which parts to save, and which parts to redo. The living room will be the first to get a makeover, although Lucila will have a hard time working inside her budget since she has to re-dry wall the walls and change the flooring. They’re also tearing down the rock fireplace to make a cleaner canvas that’s more modern-looking.

Lucila gets into an argument with Cami and Mariana regarding the final look of the fireplace


Cami tries to work the sledgehammer


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The swimming pool is an added luxury that makes every home an attractive buy. But the big question is: how will they turn this swamp into a resort-looking abode? Will they be able to overcome arguments and disagreements?

The swimming pool needs a lot of work


Kitchens sell houses so it’s important to invest in remaking this room. They are giving the hard wood cabinets a good makeover and investing in some good-quality marble for that high-end touch.

The kitchen is transformed after bringing in the marble and the high-end appliances


Finishing touches

Finishing touches make all the difference during open house. It gives the buyers a look at the opportunities and possibilities when they buy the house.

It's the finishing touches that matter


Lucila installs skylights to bring in more light


A pop of color against the all-white canvas


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Will Lucila, Cami, and Mariana pull it off? Catch the premiere of My Flipping Family on October 7, Sunday, 8 p.m. on Metro Channel, channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD.