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NBA Finals 2018 Wrap


The Golden State Warriors took out the brooms earlier than expected and won back to back NBA championships.

How did this all happen? Let’s back track a bit to refresh:


Game One

If one will assess the report card of this series, this game was the most talked about in terms of the tone of the series. The Cavs were coming off a momentum series win against the Boston Celtics, played the best game of the series and was on the verge of beating the Warriors on their home floor (not an easy task = Warriors are 11 and one; practically unbeatable). They were up by two points, 107-105 in the last minute, that led to a crucial free throw miss by George Hill, which led to the JR Smith end-game blunder that could’ve ‘at least’ had a chance to take the lead, then the Warriors ate them alive in overtime. Warriors 1, Cavs 0.


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Game Two

This was a no brainer. The Warriors practically being invincible on their home floor took that Game One momentum and crushed the Cavaliers right from the get go. Stephen Curry was on video game mode, hit nine three pointers, an NBA record and surpassed Ray Allen on hitting the most three pointers in a finals game. Warriors again.



Game Three

Lebron James is known for being resilient, being down oh-and-two, which was recently evident in the Boston Celtics Eastern Conference Finals series. They were trailing two games and won it in Game Seven. And The King is known for having bounce back games especially after back to back losses. That was supposed to be the case when they waxed hot early in the third game.

But credit the championship experience of Warriors, because they are resilient too. Cavs led by six at halftime, then the Warriors surged in the second half, which led them to being in control in the fourth quarter.

If you recall the 2017 NBA Finals where Kevin Durant hit a clutch basket that practically won them the series, well, same thing happened this year.

Warriors lead series, three-zero.


credits: Ximo Pierto, Forzano Productions


Game Four

In NBA history, no team has ever come back from three games down and won the series. And the Warriors had no any plans to be at the expense of that.

Game four—this was the knockout punch. Unlike last year where the Warriors lost game four then won it at home on game five, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and company didn’t want to practice the next day and made sure they put the nail on the coffin. Pretty much the same story in Game Two where the Warriors led early on and never looked back. And made sure they would win it all the way, and sure they did.

Kevin Durant is Finals MVP for back to back seasons.



The 2018 #NBAFinals MVP... @kevindurant of the @warriors! #thisiswhyweplay

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The Golden State Warriors are once again NBA Champions, their third in the last four years.



Goodnight, #DubNation ??

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