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The New 'Charlie’s Angels' Trailer Is Here—Check Out Our Fave Moments

The trailer for the reboot of Charlie's Angels is here and we are SO here for it!

The 2019 version of everyone's beloved female-led action franchise comes out this November and features Kristen StewartNaomi Scott, and Ella Balinska as Sabina, Elena, and Jane respectively. Rounding out the cast are Sam ClaflinPatrick Stewart, and Elizabeth Banks, who also wrote and directed the film.


Townsend Agency has gone global, and multiple teams of Angels trained by multiple Bosleys (one of which is played by Elizabeth Banks!) take on the toughest security and investigative jobs across the world. "We exist because traditional law enforcement can't keep up," says Bosley-as-played-by-Banks. Can you tell we can't get over this? 


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Here are our favorite moments from the trailer—we can't wait to see these on the big screen! 

The trailer opening with "Make Me Feel" by Janelle Monáe 

Is there a better song to usher in this new era of Angels? We don't think so.


Elizabeth Banks looking like a boss as Bosley

She. Is. Transcendent!


Naomi Scott's reaction after finding out there's another closet

Precious. And also, same.


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Of course, it's not a Charlie's Angels movie without dancing. 


Ella Balinska flirting with a "handsome nerd"

We can't hear you over the sound of a million women swooning over Noah Centineo.


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Ella shooting someone halfway out of a car door

That's badass.


The new single by Ari, Miley, and Lana!

We don't know the name of the single yet, but it already sounds PERFECT. 


Screenshots from YouTube