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Robert Rubin on His Gender Inclusive Tarot Deck

No More Hiding Tarot might just be the most interesting decks to be launched in the upcoming TarotCon 2024. Here’s an exclusive sneak peek!

The tarot can be both fascinating and polarizing. So much superstition surrounds its history, while certain misconceptions about the art of divination can color a reading with a rather dangerous hue. It’s in this context that Philippine Tarot authority and founder of Mysterium Philippines Robert Rubin has created the Philippine Tarot Convention last year, a groundbreaking event to bring the tarot into mainstream consciousness and “restore its spiritual dignity” in the Philippines.


Coming from TarotCon 2023’s success, plans are underway for TarotCon 2024, and this time, Robert Rubin is preparing something very special for everyone: the No More Hiding Tarot. He gives Metro.Style an exclusive sneak peek. 

Edgy, modern depictions with a graphic novel feel, the cards give off a dynamic energy with their art. The minor arcana also responds to modern situations: instead of swords, he used pens, because “pen is mightier than the sword in this day and age,” explains Rob. “Gone are the days when we fight our battles with weapons and blades, but instead through written word and contracts.” 

The deck is also the first gender-inclusive tarot deck in the country. 

“This will be a groundbreaking tarot deck once it’s released because it is driven by an advocacy of inclusion and authenticity,” explains Robert. 

While the deck is set to be launched in October 2024, Robert started a pre-order that kicked off near World Tarot Day in May until June 30th.

Here are some of the cards and Robert’s interpretations. 


The 3 Versions of The Lovers

“Love is love is love–Be it the love between a man, and a woman, a woman and a woman, or a man and a man. All deserve and are entitled to feel love any way they see fit. Love is a beautiful yet unbound experience that is not just limited to hetero experiences of love. It is pure it is genuine and it is divine. Hence. love should never be hidden, never be denied. Regardless of your orientation. This deck offers you 3 versions of The Lovers to choose from since all forms of love deserve to be celebrated.”


The High Priestess (The Witch)

“She could be your teacher, your professor, your mentor. your homeroom advisor, but there's something different about her. An aura of mystique and magick surrounds her. People whisper "Maybe she's a Witch!" or “I heard she reads Tarot cards! Regardless of what people say, her role is not that of a coven master but a trusted professor who will encourage you to see more of your own innate power and celebrate the 'magick" in all of you as she exudes the aura of it in herself in all that she does.”


The 10 of Cups (Happily Ever After)

“Happily ever after: but one’s happily ever after is not another’s. And in this card. we are shown many potential representations of happiness. The Room can be interpreted as an art room for children, where the happiness of art and expression are apparent. Or they can be symbolized throughout the rainbow, a common symbol of LGBT love and union. Or even the plastic cups themselves can be symbolic of a party or even a friendly night of beer pong with your pals. Regardless of what you see, there is happiness for all who seek to find it within this card.”


The Empress (The Healer)

“The beautiful soul is expecting a child. She exudes an aura of nurturing, love, and mothering, her tan skin and beauty represent the beauty of the Philippine Mother. her love of her child and her warmth make her an exceptional healer. Her love is unconditional as she mediates and sits in self-healing in the beauty of the garden.”


The Queen of Cups (The Single Mom)

“Many single moms are some of the most admirable souls on the planet for they sacrifice nearly everything for the betterment of their child. They place the needs and happiness of their children before their own and do the role of two parents all by themselves. They are the epitome of "Finding a way or making one" as seen in this card. The single mom has her child in front of her as she works from home to provide a better future for their little angel.”


The Ace of Wands (The Movement)

“This card represents the beginning of a movement. The beginning of a world-changing revolution. It is virality, it is snowballing, and in this card, it has already begun. Those who believe in this movement will do whatever they can to make it grow and they are willing to do anything in their power to support this movement for it is passion and dedication all rolled into one. In time. this movement will change the world.”


9 of Swords (Requirement Anxiety)

“Too many times our mouths write checks that our lives can't cash out. In this card, a woman is tormented by the overwhelming number of requirements she has committed to. but she fails to realize that she was not forced into any of these. She allowed them. But the power to address all these problems is also within her hands. Once she realizes it and stops herself from allowing anxiety to paralyze her.”


Ace of Coin (The Crypto)

“That's such a waste of time people say, there's no money in that, or it's all a scam, others say. But for those who believe they are willing to venture into the unknown and see what this amazing new form of money is all about. They are no longer afraid to admit it but also openly allow themselves to venture into this exciting new world known as cryptocurrency and see what potential fortunes it can bring them.”

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