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#NoMoreSecrets: How 3 Women Found Freedom By Sharing Their Secrets

Everyone has their secrets. Some big, some small, some funny, some weird. But regardless of the secret, don’t let any of them hold you back from living your best life!

Here, three young and brave women share some of their secrets; and how by claiming them has let them live a life that’s truly free! #NoMoreSecrets



Serin, a young executive, is like many young women of today who are working hard and excitedly building careers. She has dreams and she has ambition, and as she works towards achieving her goals, this has meant making certain choices and sacrifices that others may not immediately understand. Serin reveals, “It’s hard to explain it to family, but I’m firm on my decision. I’d rather have a career than a family now. That’s where I’m at. My life; my choice.” And certainly, there shouldn’t be any shame in prioritizing what you want.



Gaby has had to struggle with the notion of being a “proper” lady (a “Maria Clara” for the Filipinos) and being a modern woman. But when it comes to love and career, she often makes the bold move. She admits, “I text boys first.” And in this day of empowerment, if you know what you want and your heart finally finds a potential spark, why shouldn’t it be right for you to make the first move?



Mariko is a young woman who is in touch with her femininity. But at times, she questions if she should be so bold with her sensuality. As one of the many women in the country who dare to go braless, “I wear silicone stick-ons!” she proclaims proudly. Many other women rally behind her because clearly – “It’s not about the boys, it’s about me. It boosts my confidence.” She’s been blessed with a strong body so why not celebrate it?



Like these women, it’s time to unshackle yourself from the burden of your secrets, and show the world the whole and complete you. And what’s their secret to gaining that confidence to come out? Kojie San’s Complete Lightening Range. With its potent yet gentle formulas, achieve a brighter and more beautiful you in just a few weeks.


“Don’t be afraid. Let go of the secrets. It’s time to show the world the whole you!” share Gabby, Serin and Mariko. “Be free!”