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Over The Top And "At The Table"

The rise to the top is never an easy path, but it always promises a fulfilling view of what’s been overcome below. Take it from our very own chefs, who have withstood the test of time and taste.

In a time where the food business scene is bustling, it is more than difficult to turn fresh offerings into staple servings. And Chef JP Anglo tells us all about it on the premiere episode of Metro Channel’s newest season of At The Table, which goes on air this April 2 at 8:30 PM.



“We pushed for regional Filipino food. Now the challenge is survivability. You are always hot on the first year. How do we become an institution?”  Sarsa’s Chef JP Anglo poses this question that many chefs in the industry ask themselves. The truth is, food is and will always be a tricky business. One day you can be hot, and the next you’re not. But it is the sheer commitment of a chef to the craft that really makes food resonate among different people and distinct palates. It is that determination to cook up a gastronomical experience that makes a chef immersed and hidden in the kitchen, worthy to be seen and acknowledged at the table.



This is what Metro Channel’s At The Table is all about. It is a show that celebrates our country’s most notable and most acclaimed chefs. On the show they get to step out of their kitchens and get to sit down for an interview, where they share more about their food philosophy, special recipes and unique techniques. Their journey to the top is put under the spotlight, and their challenges and successes are shared to inspire many other aspiring chefs who plan to follow their path to greatness.



This April, look forward to getting into the kitchens and into the brilliant minds of Sarsa’s Chef JP Anglo, Gallery Vask’s Chef Chele Gonzalez, Cyma’s Chef Robby Goco, and many other esteemed chefs that continue to amaze the Filipino appetite.



Metro Channel is upgrading and elevating your viewing experience with At The Table, by gathering together some of the biggest names in the restaurant business. So pull up a chair, take a seat, and listen in on the kitchen conversations at the table.





Catch season two of At The Table this entire April exclusively on Metro Channel, on Skycable channel 52 and Skycable Channel 174 on HD.