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Paper Goodies You Should Hoard When You're Feeling Back-to-School Sentimental

Sure, it gets exciting whenever it’s back-to-school season again (seeing kids get giddy for new school supplies is thrilling!), but admit it – it feels sentimental and nostalgic, too. Remember those days when you would drag your mom to the bookstore when May rolls in? Ah, that sense of accomplishment when you’ve stuffed your cart with all the notebooks and cute pens and highlighters and all sizes of pad paper and a new school bag (yes!) – good times, indeed.

But hey, why not shop for your own goodies, too? Being an adult doesn’t mean you’ll let go of your childish dreams! Thankfully, products for grownups are all the range, too. While the kids hoard stacks of paper products and crayons, do yourself a favor and give in. Get back-to-school happy as well with these stylish and helpful products you can use not just for your daily errands, but to improve your life in general. From journals of self-reflection to trackers to record your habits and even your sleep patterns, here are the 'It' stuff for you to hoard!


Remember your perfect attendance back in grade school and high school? Track your attendance, this time, in the habits department.


Sticky notes aren't only for teens!






Dear Diaries never looked this beautiful. Write down your dreams, aspirations, and other thoughts in this picture book/journal.


Proper nutrition, PE, and enough sleep are essentials when you're a kid. Now that you're an adult, make sure you're still getting these properly using this Food, Exercise & Sleep journal!


Here's something to decorate your journals with.


Sure, passing notes during class is real fun. Turn this into a grownup thing by, this time, making notes to and for yourself.


All items available at National Bookstore.