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WATCH: EIC On The Move's Raul Manzano Captures Great Memories In Boracay

You never have to worry about seizing the night with the perfect phone that has all the features you’ll ever need when you go out of town. 

As an always busy editor-in-chief who’s always on the move, Raul Manzano needs a capable and stylish phone that can cater to his many different needs all throughout the day. With R17 Pro’s  Super VOOC Fast Charge Technology, it allows him to charge up to 40% in just 10 minutes which gives him more time for more important things while the phone’s dynamic and elegant design makes it a stylish accessory, fit for every occasion from casual work events up to the more glamorous balls. Raul admits that he loves giving it an even more stylish glow. 



According to Raul, it always pays to have your phone around when you travel because you can capture the beauty of all your memories. During his recent trip to Boracay, not even rainy and gloomy weather could stop Raul from taking picturesque snapshots and enjoying his stay to the fullest at the resort. With the OPPO R17 Pro’s Smart Aperture feature, great photos are unbelievably easy to take no matter how cloudy the weather condition is outdoors at any time of the day. 

With his work always taking him to different kinds of events, from social gatherings to trying out new restaurants, Raul needs a phone that pays close attention to detail just as much as he does in real life. Foodies will appreciate the high definition quality of the OPPO R17 Pro’s photos even under low light situations, which is perfect for those who enjoy romantic lighting but still want a souvenir from all the beautiful and delicious cuisine. No matter how tricky the lighting is, every little detail in food photos will get enhanced with the OPPO’s powerful autofocus and instant enhancement features , allowing you to seize the night every time you step out. 

As Raul caps off the day with some sunset drinks at the Shangri-la Boracay, Raul admits that with the OPPO R17 Pro, there’s no better way to seize the night with some great drinks, good company, and the perfect smartphone for a someone on the go like him.